Thursday, 21 April 2016

Mass Murderers Have Rights And Feelings Too

Remember when vikings were unstoppable war machines that raped and plundered and killed holy men just for kicks? They were so fearsome the soft English gave them a big swathe of land and paid them not to hurt them.
What the fuck happened? Did they get all their aggression out that now they cry at sunsets? That is some serious violence, they could have gone onto the passive aggressive meddling and drone strikes but no, they are nicely mellow now.

During WWII they put their faith in the British and French and told the Germans, "We will not submit voluntarily: the struggle is already in progress." Of course you should never rely on the Brits and French as a month later the Germans had occupied Norway.  

Anders Breivik is the cunt who in 2011 killed 77 people. He was sentenced to 21 years with that sentence extended longer if the government wishes. While some have said he's a Christian, he himself has said he is an Odinist  .... which is just another way of saying white supremacist Nazi type.

He had contacted a Norwegian human rights, anti-torture group saying his human rights were being violated. In his cell (more like an apartment) he only had a Playstation 2 and needed that upgraded to a PS3, he also wanted more adult games he could pick himself like GTA 5 and Call of duty as Rayman Revolution aimed at 3 years and over just wasn't cutting it. Maybe Rayman 2: The Great Escape would be better. 

His chair was uncomfortable and he wasn't allowed to talk to other inmates or wardens.  Are you crying for him yet? 

The HR group said that anything else was extra punishment and so Breivik won his case and the state paid his legal costs of $40,000 or £28,000. 

The Norwegian government was surprised at the win and Eskil Pedersen, a survivor of the shootings on Utoeya island, said he was "surprised, and then angry and upset, it was like being punched in the gut that the perpetrator won such a public victory."

The cunt's correspondence is still monitored though as he is a crazy (though totally sane) fucker.  He'll still get his 800 letters a year that are mostly love letters, fan mail and marriage proposals. 

If you strip 77 people of their human right of not being murdered and having a future (many were young teenagers) then why should you have human rights?

He's not remorseful and now he thinks he can do anything he wants. While waterboarding and naked human pyramids are morally wrong this cunt needs special attention, he needs his day micromanaged, he needs to get a PS3 with the smaller memory amount and a chair from IKEA that he has to assemble.

I hope he enjoys the company he gets in his long showers, I hope he gets everything he deserves and that the other inmates aren't modern day pussies.  

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