Thursday, 7 April 2016

How The US Melted The Ice Caps

HAARP stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It was a DARPA program built in 1990 and situated in buttfuck Alaska. 

It was basically a way to control the atmosphere by heating and charging it up. A successful program that has recently ended and the land now being sold off. 
Well that's what we've been told. In 1990 USSR was gone, the cold war was over. HAARP might have been a reason for this because it could put out a megawatt pulse aimed upward at the ionosphere and any Russian missiles would be destroyed if they flew through it. 

It has been suggested that HAARP has been used to create natural disasters and on large populations as a form of control. Usually I've found that when you super charge the air, people tend to act quite aggressive. You can always tell a storm is coming when people act short tempered and rude or maybe I just bring out the worse in others. 

It would explain why the US seems to be running on fear for the past couple of decades.   

Super charging the atmosphere over the pole ... the polar ice caps have melted far faster in the past 20 years than they have in 10000. I'm sure it has to do with factories and cow farts, I'm no expert I just point out things that people miss. 

Al Gore said that the ice caps would be fully melted by 2014 but what does he know? All he had to go on were the facts and figures that scientists tell him and they are never wrong .... except when they are but you can't say that or you'll look like a climate change denier and that's worse than the idiots saying the holocaust didn't happen.   

Why in the time of global warming would you have an ionospheric heater? There are other possible HAARP type facilities around the world in Colorado, Massachusetts, Wales, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Brazil, Porta Rico, Norway and China. 

Various nations with this ability now. Sure I get it that Japan would want it with the threat of North Korea launching missiles and that's maybe why they fail so spectacularly. The missile threat isn't just from the USSR anymore it's all over, especially the far east hence the US build up there. 

Why has the planet got so warm?  HAARP was created under Bush senior and lasted through Clinton, Bush jr and Obama, that is very impressive and tells you how big and important this program is. 

Lets blame humans for climate change, global warming, green house gases or whatever buzz word you like but never mention the fracking and drilling, it's just big businesses (not related to oil) and car fumes. The government doesn't talk about HAARP so therefore it mustn't be something for you all to worry about.        


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