Friday, 22 April 2016

Donald Trump Is True American

The Trump phenomena is an amazing insight to human and mob mentality. People wonder how Hitler could have gotten into power or how Nigel Farage or even Boris Johnston can have a following. If you remember to the Obama campaign he did a similar thing. He didn't say he'd make America hate great again, he said he'd bring hope and change.

It was no hope and the change he brought was Bush's policies but made bigger and badder. You can't do anything as president if there are 100 others at various levels of government fighting against you. You have to play ball.

Trump comes from privilege, he's never had to work a 9 - 5 or a minimum wage job flipping burgers. He was sent to expensive schools and was loaned a million bucks by his daddy to start up his property business. The man has no class or style, he gets on like Saddam Hussein and probably has golden toilet seats ... he thinks that gold is a classy wealthy colour.

He's aggressive, narcissistic and moody, he sounds more like a trucker than a billionaire, you expect to hear him say, "forget about it" a lot.

His fan base may sound like him and have no manners but that is the only similarity. They are usually working class or low class, they don't have a $100 million dollar yacht to sell when they get into financial trouble, they probably rent their homes/trailer and didn't excel academically and their spouse is probably their sibling .

How the fuck can they relate to a spoiled pampered billionaire?  

In the back of their heads they no doubt think that Trump is better than them because he is rich and because he says things they understand ... they like him. They don't demand details from Trump, they just think he'll magically do everything he is promising because they don't know how the world works.

When they imagine a wall on the Mexican border they think of a 50 foot tall one that is 20 feet thick with armed guards constantly alert and ready, not how expensive or how long it would take to build or the fact that you just aren't allowed to build on parts of the land president or not.  

They think he can bully Mexico to pay for it and bully other countries for better trade deals. "We want a better deal .... we have nukes, just sayin."

Former Grand Wizard David Duke (who is also not a racist) endorsed Trump. Many of Trump's policies appeal to white supremacists as like how Ukip's policies in the UK does.

Muslims (who are usually brown) and Mexicans (who are usually brown) and even blacks (who are usually brown) are blamed for today's problems, even women need to man the fuck up. You hear Trump saying The Blacks or The Latinos but never The Whites.


I've seen idiots (some of whom are black) demanding to know how Trump is racist. It's like they either can't figure it out themselves or need to hear the person say the N-word as they whip a slave.

Trump was sued for not renting to blacks, his father did the same thing. After Trump was sued he then just told blacks that there wasn't any apartments up for rent. That right there smacks of racism but that's in the past and doesn't count right? Like the Holocaust, get over it .... bygones people bygones.

All Trump's policies are hinged on being against ethnic people in some way. He also doesn't condemn racial violence done in his name and for years has hounded Obama for being a Kenyan Muslim .... He never hounded Clinton or Bush for anything.  

 He even quotes Mussolini on Twitter.       

Trump's voting base are not very bright and have issues. Dylann Roof spoke his mind, doesn't make him right or even honest. Saying what he thinks seems to be the main reason many like him. It's everyone else that is the problem.

They want things to change in their favour. Maybe bills that protects their religion by discriminating against others. Maybe to deport all the illegal aliens which obviously includes all other ethnics just in case. Maybe just stopping ethnic people coming into the country especially Muslims because we all know that they are terrorists.

For a cuntry founded by immigrants they have never liked immigrants. 

Like I said they aren't too bright and don't think or even care about the consequences as long as they get theirs. These are the same people that don't want anyone else to get ahead or to get a helping hand but they demand one for themselves.

The same people that hate socialism and government interference but once there is a flood they demand that FEMA saves them or if their house is on fire they expect fire fighters to put it out.

No one invested in them so why should anyone else get free college or healthcare? .... disabled people need to be ignored, unless they are disabled vets as then they'll pretend to care about them to score morality points.      

Some people just don't have empathy or common sense but the scary thing is that they do have a vote. 


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