Monday, 18 April 2016

Dennis Hastert Needs To Pay

It was queried why Dennis Hastert, the longest-serving Republican speaker of the House who was found to be a child molester isn't a bigger story than it should be. 

Is it due to Republican friendly media giants just not liking this story?  I reckon powerful people and friends in high places are turning a blind eye to this until it blows over. 

Hastert was seen as being clean and inoffensive, a likeable bloke who faded from the public eye in 2006 after losing the house. 

Some evil people just don't stand out and can get away with so much when they have power and money. 

A champion for children he denounced pedos all the time and set up legislation to protect children. He said that we should put "repeat child molesters into jail for the rest of their lives." He also backed the Patriot act. Anti-abortion, anti-drugs and was for lower taxes, an evangelical Christian .... you could trust him right? 

He had his friend's backs. They could get involved in sex scandals and Hastert would cover them up or fire anyone that rocked the boat for his mates. He made some dodgy land transactions in Illinois that involved stalling freeways getting built which made him millions, a 500% profit in some cases. 

Again he was largely ignored and not punished. It was actually the Patriot act that gave him away. He was paying millions to silence one of his victims when the bank informed the Feds. Large money transactions are noted in case of terrorist cells ... and to be nosy. 

 Top left, watching the action.
Years ago he was a teacher, a wrestling coach at a high school, he was also a Boy scout leader ..... are those alarm bells ringing yet? 

He "coached" or how other people would say it sexually molested 5 male students. In 1976 he was
named Illinois Coach of the Year. Imagine someone trying to pin sex abuse charges on him. Jocks don't want to look unmanly (even though wrestling look totally ghey) and successful athletes and coaches have different rules for them which even includes a boys will be boys clause for rape.

You can't arrest him, we've got the play offs next month. 

He reached a plea agreement in his case which the lying to the Feds charge was dropped and his convenient ill health might have him avoiding a long prison sentence. Don't worry folks, he still gets his congressional pension of about $52,000 a year and he left office with a shit load of money after getting his slice of the action so he can afford a good lawyer.

Hastert paid $3.5 million to keep the person he abused from talking and told his friends that 'I am a victim too' .... ach the poor man, he molests 5 boys the youngest being 14 and it costs him money. It's not like the 5 boys had their lives ruined or anything.

One victim told his sister of his 4 years of High School abuse and said "Who is ever going to believe me?"

Isn't it sad that we expect a media cover up, that we expect politicians to be corrupt and that we aren't at all surprised by Christian hypocrisy and pedophilia? 

These same people that hold the moral high ground over us and that tell us what is right and wrong and that firmly believe that they work for the people in the way you'd nurse someone with dementia, you watch their every move and do what you think is best for them even if it isn't. 

He got away with his crimes for decades and what don't we know about? Bill Cosby had 55 women come forward so maybe there are another 50 guys too ashamed to speak out about Hastert.    

While Hastert expresses regret and has admitted that yeah maybe he's guilty he has not come out and fully owned up to it, he still expects to get away with it with a slap on the wrist and he will.  

Hastert isn't a victim, the boys he abused are and the American people that he ruled over for 20 years are too. 

I don't care how sick he is or that he's 74 years old. Dennis Hastert needs to stand trial and get sentenced to prison as surely as an SS guard from the concentration camps would be. Too many scumbags get away with whatever they please just because they are in positions of power.  

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