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Breaking The Law Is Sometimes The Only Option Left

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In Northern Ireland abortion is illegal. Even in times of rape and incest they will make you have the child. They will only abort if there is medical abnormalities or that the woman's life is in danger but even then they probably won't because they'd get into trouble if they make the wrong call ..... Savita Halappanavar RIP. 

Healthcare is free on the NHS here but if you go to another part of the UK you won't qualify for help unless you live there. It is quite expensive to go and stay in England in order to have an abortion. People save for a rainy day not a condom didn't work day or an up the bum no babies dripped down into my minge day ....  immaculate conception her arse.

Go to any housing estate and you'll see loads of children living unhappy resentful lives left to their own devices by apathetic parents.

This story has annoyed Old Knudsen because 1) the girl that had the abortion had to do it illegally in the first place and 2) the people who touted on her are painting themselves as victims and morally just.  

A 19 year-old woman who shared a house in Belfast with 2 other woman got pregnant (by some bloke I assume) by accident. She didn't want a baby at that time in her life, I don't know if she even wants kids that doesn't matter.

She was 10 - 12 weeks pregnant and couldn't afford to go to England, one of the clinics she had talked to on the phone mentioned the pills though Northern Ireland is the ONLY part of the UK to have abortion as being illegal.

We are more of a theocracy than the rest of the UK it seems, more in line with Ireland actual. 

The 38 year-old housemate had a miscarriage herself and when she heard the 19 year-old didn't want to keep it she offered to be its legal guardian. The article doesn't go into whether or not the 38 year-old would be a fit parent or not.  

The girl took the pills and put the fetus into the bin. The 38 year-old and the other housemate have said how bad they felt and "I know people may say it's stupid (the law) and things like that, but it's still the law, you have to abide by the law that's here until that changes." 

"At the minute it's the law and if you break the law you have to be punished." Also how the fetus in the bin was eating them up and the baby had to have justice.

So they called the police on her. 

The housemates have had a backlash from people who didn't agree with them telling on a distressed and vulnerable woman who shouldn't have been in this situation which is why the housemates have been trying to sound like the victim and justify what they did.

If you read all the reports on the incident you can see how the 38 year-old used the pill popper's words against her when she called the unwanted pregnancy a 'pest' and how she just wanted it out of her.

She said, "I really tried to help her. I talked through a number of options but she just didn't want to know."

"This is about her attitude. It was as if she was getting rid of a piece of clothing."
"There was absolutely no remorse. Even the way she was up and away out and doing her own thing a day after the abortion, while me and our other house-mate just walked around in shock. She wasn't forced into anything."

 You should always ask celibate men about female reproductive issues, they know everything.

Reading the housemate's words you can see a better picture of why she called the police. She just didn't like her attitude. She had probably cried a lot and felt awful when she had her miscarriage and having a fetus in the bin (for 8 days) was bugging the shit out of her so what was this slutty hoor's problem?

Not for the baby (which wasn't a baby) she called the police to punish the 19 year-old. This is why you shouldn't tell other people your business.  

I doubt the housemates are well versed in psychology or even a basic understanding of people. Like how those nutters call conspiracy because someone smiled during an interview after a school shooting and aren't blubbering like how people are supposed to do in the movies.

Getting rid of the fetus as soon as she could and calling it a pest was the woman's way of getting past the trauma of abortion. The men in charge call it abortion on demand but no, it isn't like paying to watch a movie on Netflicks or a pay per view sporting event it's a fucking difficult thing to do.

Hostage negotiation 101 you use the hostage's name often to make them seem more of a person to the hostage taker.   

Not showing her emotions to the housemates shows you they weren't close enough to trust each other so she was 'putting on a brave face' and acting as if it never happened, not because she hates children, babies or fetus' but because it's a fucking difficult thing to do .... like going into work instead of sitting at home crying.

Obviously she couldn't trust the housemates so what would you expect?

If you know these housemates make sure you have a TV license, don't smoke weed, always wear a seat belt (even in a bus or taxi) never drink Pepsi from a Coke glass and never watch Game of Thrones on a free streaming video site or they'll report you.

Just because it's the law doesn't mean it's right. Gheys can't marry here either is that right? I'm not allowed to pay weemen to take a dump (hot lunch) on my chest is that right?

Maybe I'm wandering off topic a little there. It wasn't a baby yet, just as my crusty socks aren't babies either. The poor lass had a lot of emotional shit to try to suppress without the stress of getting arrested too.

She was given a three-month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months. In the Republic of Ireland there would be a potential 14 year jail term.   

The whole story with 150 year-old laws and morally righteous touts is just sickening. Women are second class citizens in Ireland north and south and are forced to break the law while 13 miles away over the water they have enlightened laws that see that an unwanted pregnancy destroys more than one life for years and years.

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