Wednesday, 6 April 2016

As Serious As A Heart Attack

Senators Frank Church and John Tower discuss the heart attack gun. 

Conspiracy theories are just crazy whack job ideas from 40 year-old virgins in their mammy's basements right? What happens when they kinda make sense? .... They usually get dismissed because people don't like to look stupid. Old Knudsen does not fear looking stupid when there is truth to be told. 
There is always talk of former British Foreign secretary Robin Cook. He opposed the Iraq wars until he quit office amidst a smear campaign then 2 months later died suddenly of a heart attack while hiking in Scotland. He was aged 59 so why wouldn't he have a heart attack? Yeah he did embarrass Tony Blair and said that Al Qaeda was an invention of the US but nothing suspicious about his death right? Not even about the hiker that helped him but wanted to remain anonymous. 

Then there was David Kelly the British weapons inspector with no previous psychiatric history who said that Saddam had no WMD's. He walked from his home and slit his wrist and died. Well physicians have said that in the cold he wouldn't have bled out very fast and there wasn't much blood loss and it was probably a heart attack that killed the 59 year-old ... 2003 was a dangerous year for 59 year-olds. 

The fact that the CIA had a gun that could cause heart attacks came out in 1975. The toxin was frozen in a dart that would only cause a tiny red dot and would melt so as to not be detectable. This isn't science fiction it's fact. Why would the CIA need or want such a thing huh? 

How long did they have this gun in use until it became public? Remember the TV The Invaders? Aliens would kill people with a brain embolism and it would look like a natural death, that show ran 1967 -68.   

How has this technology advanced? The gun is still thought to be in use today but I bet it's well sneaky now with cell phones now being disguised as regular guns. Everyone has a phone in their hands so getting to the target has to be so simple now.

Jack Ruby the man that killed Lee Harvey Oswald gave some interviews to the press. This nobody was starting to sound emboldened and left some unanswered questions in the air. He said that no one would ever know the real reasons why he did it and those responsible were very high up and that if someone else besides LBJ was Vice President then Kennedy would still be alive .... his ACTUAL words on film. Ruby died in 1967 of a heart attack caused by cancer. 

Mary from the dairy whose bush was quite hairy.

50 years after Ruby's death an 100 year-old friend who worked at his club as a "dancer" spoke out that Jack Ruby wouldn't talk about killing Oswald and would only say that he had no choice than to do it and that he wasn't sick, he didn't have cancer, they poisoned him with something. Mary had no reason to lie and her memory wasn't in doubt.      

As well as heart attacks it has been suggested that the CIA can also give cancer to people. I laughed when Fidel Castro accused the US of killing Hugo Chávez with cancer but considering how the CIA tried to kill Castro with poisoned milkshakes while out in the yard with the boys, I'm not so sure now. 

Poisoning people in other cuntries is way too crazy to entertain, just ask ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko that Putin poisoned in London. Usually Putin just has those against him (and those who are with him) violently killed but you have to be a tad more subtle in over cuntries. 

Is it time to invest in tin foil yet? .... Funny you should say that. You know what was a big cause of death in the 60's and 70's in the US? Being a witness to the shooting of JFK, that's what. 

In the three years after the JFK assassination 18 witnesses died. Gunshots, car accidents, out right murder, heart attacks and other natural causes. 
Judge Earl Warren who covered up investigated the assassination was most famous before that for pushing the internment of Japanese in the US during WWII, he died of a heart attack. J Edgar Hoover who went with the lone gunman theory despite the evidence that says otherwise also died of a heart attack. Warren was 83 and Hoover 77 so it's not odd for them to die like that but what if they got old and decided to talk like Mary had done? 

Old Knudsen's Da died of a heart attack in 2008, a message from the newly elected Obama maybe? I did want sexy Hillary to win after all.  Bacon is not a cause of death ffs .... it's a reason to live. 

People often get tom the point in their life where they will tell all, even the ones that played ball and went along with the official party line do it.  

If there is one thing that Star Trek 6 has taught me it's to kill the assassins .... or those that know too much. Layer Cake taught me that if you kill someone you NEVER tell anyone and Yo Gabba Gabba taught me that you don't don't bite yer friends.  

 There are exceptions to the biting one though. 
In the early to mid 70's there was a spate of  people that knew Hoover, Ruby, Oswald and even John Connally (the man killed by Oswald's magic bullet that went through JFK, hit Connally, left Connally hitting him in the hand then hitting him in the leg) died of heart attacks, almost as if the CIA had a new toy. 

When a Supreme Court Justice like Antonin Scalia dies suddenly of a heart attack at a remote location while there is time for the current president to replace him before he leaves office there will always be questions.

Everyone seems to be dying of cancer these days which is more in line with our food and environment than wet works. However every heart attack in which someone high up benefits or is protected does seem quite suspicious. It's not a conspiracy when people really are being silenced.   

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