Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Not So Brilliant Disguise

Bruce Springsteen has said how he refuses to play North Carolina because law makers there are overly concerned about some people's Spare Parts.

Is NC big with the trans genders? Do they have a problem with trans gender sex offenders that they have to make laws concerning public restrooms? 

Yer more likely to be sexually assaulted by a Republican senator than a trans gender person. It's plain and simple homophobia at werk.
This latest bill is a reaction to people being allowed to use a restroom based on their gender identity. How the fuck does that violate yer religious freedom as they have claimed?  here's a surprise for all you.

 Senator Berger and Speaker Moore

You aren't drop dead sexy and ghey people don't want to ride you.   The bill doesn't just make people use the restroom based on their biological gender but it also doesn't protect them and allows them to be discriminated against with no recourse based on sexuality, gender, age, race, religion and disability.

Bruce fought against South African apartheid by being one of the musicians who said they ain't gonna play Sun city in 1985, he also refused to play Ballymena but that was because it's a shit hole full of coked up sheep shagging farmers so ya can't fault him for that.

Is Bruce cancelling a concert in Greensboro doing what those cake and flower Nazis did when they refused to sell to gheys? It sounds similar, even if it's the right thing to do.  Yeah yeah yeah I'm sure the haters thought they were doing the right thing by telling gheys how sinful they are. 

He should play the concert in drag with his little willy tucked in with a load of Madonna's backing dancers using what ever crapper they want to.

Everyone is too eager to boycott, sure his concert would have been good for NC, they would have made at least $12 or so but lets think outside of the porta potty instead.


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