Friday, 4 March 2016

Why I don't Believe Basil McCrea

Look Basil, a bright shining future together unless you stab me in the back at the last minute. 

A story that won't interest most of the werld who are used to politicians and their wandering hands and cocks. 
The NI21 leader Basil McCrea has said that there was a political conspiracy against him when there were claims of sexual misconduct made against him. 

He says it was "a complete and utter set-up" some of the allegations were about expenses used and how he exposed himself to a female staffer. 
His former political partner John McCallister also just brought forward some separate claims that the Public Prosecution Service are now investigating. 

Basil trying extra hard to make sure that his hands are in the right place with beauty contestants.

In a sympathy piece in the Belfast Telegraph he says how it almost destroyed his career and that he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and diabetes.  

McCrea isn't a big playa and his youth aimed NI21 party was a shambles from the start and I think genetics and diet probably brought on his diabetes more than showing his cock to a staffer. 

McCrea is full of ego and thiks that he is the man but no, he isn't. I bet he also fancies himself quite a lot too with his cheeky grin. 

McCrea was cleared on any wrongdoing (then again so was OJ) and now is trying to make you feel sorry for him. 
Ashleigh Murray was the young party worker that said McCrea got her in a hotel room and exposed himself to her .... her word against his and he was believed. 

In an interview Murray said that she didn't expect anyone to believe her and so didn't report it right away and she was right, they didn't believe her. 

Old Knudsen will go on his instincts, McCrea is too slimy for my liking and too full of himself. Then there is Murray with poor qualifications who needed to keep her job. I've seen her interviewed, I've seen her face do that thing in which you are trying to not let emotional trauma upset you but yer face contorts anyway ... hard to fake. 
I've seen her cry instantly at talking about it, not blubbering but a tear roll down as she tries to remain in control. Again, hard to fake. 

Ashleigh Murray, I believe you. It is Old Knudsen's opinion (his instincts on people are usually right) that Basil McCrea is a lecherous dirtbag that would manipulate vulnerable women into situations for his own gratification and that this time he was able to talk his way out of it. 

We'll see in the future if he can keeps his secrets or not.       

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