Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Vatican Cares More About Image Than Helping Children WWJD?

Again we get a reminder of that festering scab that is the Vatican. Cardinal George Pell who is the Vatican's treasurer did little to help the young victims of abuse committed by the Catholic church in Australia. We're looking at at least 600 cases of child abuse there spanning decades. One small area had 5 predatory priests all working for God and his mysterious touchy feely ways. 

Safe in Rome he gave a televised testimony but didn't admit any fault or culpability. 

Cardinal Pell says he regrets not having done more. As a priest, a young student told him that he was being molested by a priest and because the young victim didn't ask Pell to help him Pell let it go letting the offender  molest for another 10 years.

Aren't these people supposed to be experts on morality? It sounds more like they are experts on excusing or overlooking bad behaviour.   

Expressing regret is more than the Pope himself has done, while as the archbishop of Buenos Aires he didn't meet with victims or extend any apologies. His predecessor Pope Benedict had issued a document that told bishops that they should encourage the victim, witnesses and perpetrator not to talk about it. Pope Francis no doubt read it because he certainly didn't get into it and continues to complain when molesting children gets brought up.

Those kids were probably asking for it, lets talk about forgiveness for the clergy instead as they are the real victims. 

Pope Francis hasn’t exposed a single cleric who has committed to or is concealing sex crimes. Nor has he ordered any of the world’s 5,100 bishops to do so.
Nothing has really changed with the Vatican, they still close ranks and protect their own unless it becomes too difficult to do so.  
848 priests over the past 10 years have been defrocked and another 2,572 accused of raping and molesting children have had lesser punishments .... still priests though. Since 2004, the Vatican received 3,400 credible cases of abuse.

Pell seen here on the right in 1993 walking his one time room mate Father Gerald Ridsdale to court says that getting photographed with him was also something he regretted as it looked bad. I don't think he means the Terminator glasses either.

It really sucks when you get caught or forced to answer for yer actions. The expressing regret thing is new though, not very believable as he is barely keeping the veneer of 'how dare you question me' under control.

  It reminds me of the unrepentant Nazis at Nuremberg.

Ridsdale was convicted of 138 offenses against more than 50 children including his own nephew David. Pell had a conversation with David at the time and asked him what would it take to make his accusations go away ..... Pell says that was obviously a miscommunication, his whole memory seems to be a little foggy when it comes to the alegations.

When talking about Ridsdale he says he doesn't know if everyone knew but knew that some did and that it was a sad story that wasn't of much interest to him ... that earned him some gasps from the crowd. He had to back pedal a little and said that the suffering was real but he had no reason to turn his mind to the evils that Ridsdale had perpetrated.

He didn't have to think about it cos hey, he was ok, he didn't know the children being molested, it didn't impact on him getting into Heaven.

He did say that he'd do anything to minimize any harm or allegations towards the church, yep the typical Vatican policy as carried out by John Paul II and all his Cardinals and Bishops ... even those other that later became Pope.  

He also said that he knew that Ridsdale was moved due to being homosexual. Funny how they move a homosexual pedophile priest but fire a homosexual priest that isn't into children.

The Vatican which builds it's dogma on shame and sexual regression really needs an intervention or the abuse and hypocrisy with continue. Even with this wonderful Pope and his puesdo progressive ideals the church is still more worried about how it looks and how much money in compensation it has to pay out than doing doing good.

Like most others, it's a real fucked up religion, trying to keep control over 21st century people with pre-first century superstition.     


Maja said...

You fucking nailed it.

Old Knudsen said...

I do what I can, so much harm done by these "good" people.