Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Hidden Anti-Christ

Many have been called the Anti-Christ from Napoleon, Hitler, Tony Curtis, Osama, Bush, Saddam and Obama. Of course these Anti-Christs come and go and the crazy tin foil hatters forget they were wrong and move on to the next.

If I were the Anti-Christ I wouldn't become so famous that I couldn't leave the house in order to do my evil bidding, I wouldn't be tied down by the restrictions of a Congress or things like the law, I'd work in the shadows and have my fingers in so many pies you'd get a headache trying to put it all together.

The Middle East and Africa are the places where you can get away with shit these days but what did Nostradamus say about the Anti-Christ? 

A prince shall arise from the west
He travels the dark lands in shadow
Uniting the tribes and no one shall
Move without him knowing.  

Formerly of Blackwater and now with Reflex Responses, or R2 and and its affiliates he is also with Frontier Resource Group I give you the Anti-Christ, Erik Prince.

I mentioned last year on this blog how he was forming a mercenary army for the UAE which is his home away from home.
That private army is used to protect oil installations and also to put guards on ships in an effort to beat piracy.
R2 happen to have hired Patton Boggs LLP to lobby Washington, for what? .. perhaps to use R2's services. Funny how Hillary mentioned in one of those e-mails (that aren't important) her support of armed guards on boats, something the UAE have said they really really need.
Greasing the wheels in Washington isn't paying off people, it's helping the economy. US vessels need armed guards, now if only we knew of a supplier of said guards.       

  Right over here people, I can help you. 

As the chairman of Frontier Services Group Ltd he is looking to the African market too. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan gives him funds for R2 but Chun Shun Ko an investor from Hong Kong backs him with his African ventures. Frontier Services Group is backed by China's state-owned CITIC Group Corporation and as you know, China has been carving up Africa for years. Many ships coming and going with no official record of what is on board. 

You could compare Africa with how India was exploited by Britain during it's Empire days. Many African work forces have Chinese bosses now. 

The U.S. Department of Justice is happy to grant Prince million dollar contracts but are upset that he is also giving security to foreign powers that aren't paying off American politicians.  

Prince wants to set up Libya with security to free up all that Libyan gold which is just one of his many interests. He pitched the idea for border control and to exploit the refugee crisis. 

If you scare the world enough about refugees (possible terrorists hidden within) then the EU would un-freeze the Libyan bank accounts and even partly fund Frontier Services Group in stopping refugees from leaving Libya. The main problem is getting enough stability in Libya for the banks to recognize an actual ruling government. 
Maybe after the UK and the US fucking Libya up they need the Chinese. 

You see the powers at play? Guards on boats so suddenly Somalia pirates are big news, security in Libya so refugees are big news. 

In lining up with all the forces at play and having covert ops everywhere, the Prince wants to be king, this bloke is destined for greatness as long as he can stay in power or he'll be just another power hungry monster hanging from a lamp post.     

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