Saturday, 12 March 2016

Stop The Drill In Woodburn Forest

Here's how it starts, a fossil fuel company maybe called 'InfraStrata' or something else not very friendly sounding asks councilors if they can leash public land so they can drill an exploratory hole to look for oil or gas ..... it's just an itty bitty hole so who cares?

The councilors like money so they agree. The public land is in a wooded area called Woodburn forest and near Woodburn reservoir. No where in the world has there been drilling allowed on public land that is a water catchment area, it supplies water to the local towns and even a part of Belfast .... but the councilors like money.

If they find oil or gas then they'll pay more money and turn it into a commercial well. Councilors like bigger amounts of money. In far away Ballymena the councilors voted that drilling should happen and that the crusty protestors should be removed.
Of course the roads that reach the site are public so the police can't really do much according to the law unless money is applied that is.

Funny how there has been more action to remove protestors at a drilling site than there have been to remove the idiot Loyalists at the Twaddell Avenue protest camp, money talks.  

 InfraStrata make Hulk angry!

Actor Mark Ruffalo even weighed in and said what a pack of cunts you'd have to be to drill in Woodburn Forest. He might have used other werds and maybe added ' bag of dicks' to the Minister for the Environment, Mark H Durkan.

A licence granted to Infrastrata to drill in Woodburn Forest, 350 metres from a reservoir supplying drinking water to 131,000 people.... What the fuck? Either a incompetence or a major backhander, it's Norn Iron, it could be either or both.

Infrastrata and NI Water say there is no risk to drinking water as the two kilometre drill shaft will be shielded by steel and concrete. Because there have never ever been any accidents or fuck ups and the chance of putting cancer causing chemicals into clean drinking water is worth the risk .... yer a 1 in 5 chance of getting cancer anyways so quit yer whining.

Who doesn't like to drink and wash in Biocide T and Barium Sulphate? 24,000 kgs of Barium Sulphate will be injected into the water table ground to release any gas there .... sounds safe right? The chemicals all get magically removed and do not seep into the water table at all ... it's magic bitches! ... you just have to believe.

 Doing the 'po po' they are trained to stand this way and Mrs Peeler on the left, dat ass! I'd like to do some drilling of my own. 

Ruffalo and his organization Water Defense will be sending out home water testing kits to residents because no one else is looking after them.

At far away Ballymena the Mid and East Antrim Council which are responsible for the Woodburn area have said.

"Hey bey, we like money, tractors, cocaine, sheep and a God that is Protestant, it won't affect our watter so may your childer enjoy their cancer."

In Northern Ireland we don't have much environment, trees get cut down and hardly any get planted to replace them. There are a few nice places but over all it's bleh, not very dramatic, you have to go to the south of Ireland for places that Hollywood want to make movies in as they just use CGI for the north. 

They shot Robot Overlords here but pretended it was England. 

Fracking has polluted areas in the US for decades but because it's a large country they can get away with it somewhat though less and less as we see the damage. We're like 50 miles across we'd be toxic in no time.  It pollutes the ground, it pollutes the water table and it pollutes the air with all the polluted dust it kicks up, there is no coming back from it. 

We have fuck all environment without officials deciding to risk it without telling the people. If the Minister for the Environment and all those others that voted to drill weren't already open to the idea of a large commercial operation in the area then we wouldn't have any exploration drilling ....  This is just the beginning if they find something.
It's perfectly safe, except for all the times it hasn't been.   

Those cunts in charge want to drill and want to poison yer ugly wee kids, this isn't a NIMBY (not in my back yard) issue with the eye sore of wind turbines (which look class) this is important shit, no invented epilepsy or cancer from staring at wind turbines, you'll be able to taste and smell the change. 

Drilling all to sell it elsewhere and we are left with the fall out, literally until they use us up and leave to drill in the next clean water catchment area.     

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