Thursday, 10 March 2016

Nigerian Government Warns Of Scam E-mails

Retired Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh,  a former Nigerian chief of defence has been accused of stealing $20 million.
The former President Goodluck Jonathan has released numerous e-mails he has received from Badeh such as this one.

My dearest friend

Blessings upon you. I am obviously very busy fighting Boko Haram and bringing our girls back but do not have the helicopters to do so. I would be able to destroy Boko Haram and take from them $50 billion that would go to your bank account.

My lovely friend and president please first send me details.

Bank account number:



Phone number:

Please act immediately so I can shower my gifts upon you.

Your eternal friend in Jesus

Alex Badeh Esq

 Goodluck Johnathan .... on working out if they are scams or not. 

Badeh is thought to have bought a mansion and other properties with the money. The former national security adviser, Sambo Dasuki has also been charged with stealing $68m. President Goodluck Jonathan is glad to not be in office anymore as he has had to go into therapy with trust issues. "I'd get so many e-mails from officials and people that work in banks saying I'd be getting inheritances or won competitions but all I got was poor because they wanted me to send money, they sounded so real too."  

"I think my luck will change now as I have just been told that I've won the Greek lottery."


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