Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Nazi Priest Says Vision Dreams Of Passion Made Him Do It

Father Jack "hands" O'hanlon who was caught on video this week snorting cocaine off a choirboy's buttocks in a room full of Nazi memorabilia has stated for the record that he isn't a Nazi, he just collects "historical stuff."

O'hanlon who is originally from Leeds said, "I collect historical stuff from other places too such as Italy, Spain and Argentina but people are just focusing on the Nazi stuff, you should see my historical KKK collection, it's beezer, one of the whips still has darkie blood on it."

O'hanlon who insists that he doesn't have an issue with drugs, he just likes to do them has been put on leave following a bad case of depression and annoyance at having been caught. 

"People like to judge you for all the wrong reasons and  who are they to judge? for that they shall burn in Hell" added O'hanlon "It's just lucky I didn't take my party peeps into my torture dungeon full of animal porn as that would have really looked bad and some things even the church can't cover up."

Pope Francis has said that one in fifty priests are a pedophile but promised to get it to one in twenty within the next 5 years has not mentioned how many priests are coke snorting Nazis. The former Hitler youth and Pope, Benedict has refused to comment.  



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