Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Millennials Need To Shut It

Millennials just need to shut the fuck up! It you were born from the 80's to the early 2000's you know nothing, yer generation Y because that's what you keep asking. Just go play with yer X-box, juice box or ear pads cos the adults are talking.

Aye, a whole generation just needs to stop talking because all you say is idiotic things like selfie, dad bod, manspreading, screen-rage, rage-quit, moblivious, emoji, facepalm, bestie, sapiosexual, fleek, mic drop, mansplain, butthurt, hangry, awesomesauce or random ... quit adding and enriching our society and culture with these shitty arsed werds or you will be pwned.

Remember when weemen used to spread em? What ever happened to womanspreading, can that not be a thing now or am I tool old to get that?    

The only streaming Old Knudsen knows is what comes out of his boils which were born way long before the 80's and he doesn't mean the 1980's.

I'm too awesome for hobos!

Justin Keller is a San Francisco tech entrepreneur that wears plaid shirts and has a beard .... experts doubt he has ever cut doon a tree and therefore is no type of real man. He wrote an open letter to the major of San Francisco that complained about the homeless people he'd see on his way to werk.

"The wealthy working people have earned their right to live in the city. They went out, got an education, work hard, and earned it. I shouldn’t have to worry about being accosted. I shouldn’t have to see the pain, struggle, and despair of homeless people to and from my way to work every day."

He has a valid point, you should only be allowed into the city if you are well educated and are doing well. Once you hit a lower threshold of salary you should be ejected out into the cuntryside.   

Hobos leaning up against cars, yelling about cocaine and pulling their pants doon is just not on, what is this Ballymena? Why aren't the police shooting them? 

Crazy ex military hobo. 

After that time in the US when the cops moved a homeless military vet with PTSD on but he resisted arrest and there was this uber violent manhunt thing, cops are less likely to torture hobos these days as it gives them bad PR. 

Hobophobia will not be tolerated. 
A typical hipster .... he likes hair products and irony. 

First off: hipsters with beards. If you can grow one and want to then fine. During the Crimea war having a big bushy beard in the British army was encouraged and they didn't need to cut doon a tree to prove their manhood, they blindly followed orders and charged at the enemy to their deaths and they were fucken grateful. 

Old Knudsen has cut doon trees but gravity does most of that werk. Try growing a tree from seed, that right there is man's werk. No, I don't mean an avocado tree, that's not manly at all. Ask yerself what a emotionally stunted   real men like Dick Winters or Audie Murphy would grow. 

 I'm not ghey I just dress that way.

As for plaid shirts .... there are lumberjack ones and then there are fruity ones like Doris Day would wear. You need to question yerself on whether Doris or Madonna in her cow gurl phase would wear them or not. 

Fair enough, Justin Keller's letter may sound a little self entitled and harsh but then again shouldn't the major be doing his fucken job? It's easy to be homeless in the US. In the werds of president Trump, "losers suck!" ..... Instead of 'In god we trust' they should have, 'well I'm alright, I've got mine' printed on their money.

 Colour Sergeant William McGregor of the Scots Fusilier Guards looked like a hobo but was a hero.

In Callyfornia you can get help if you are homeless so why don't they?  Over the past year 4 hobos have died on the streets of Belfast, what is our excuse? We have hostels and are a socialist society

Many hobos have mental health issues or don't want to give up their substance so there is no helping them. You can't help people that don't want to be helped. 

Keller writes: "I see people sprawled across the sidewalk, tent cities, human feces, and the faces of addiction. The city is becoming a shanty town … Worst of all, it is unsafe."
He's right, do these people with nothing care where they shit? Why aren't they getting fined for littering? Should homeless people get a free pass?
What Keller did was not phrase it all very well and instead of just complaining about the drunk and violent panhandlers he should have gone on about civic duty and lets help them or get them help. I don't mean giving them 20p towards their next bottle of beat the wife, aren't there prisons labour camps or dog food machines they could be put into? 

It was bad timing that 25 year-old Talia Jane wrote her open letter to her employer Yelp. I believe that some on the 'we hate bratty millennials especially that Keller dude' vibe hit her. 

She wrote about her job and how as a Yelp Eat24 customer service representative could barely eat herself while werking at her $8.25 an hour job. Her rent was $1,250 and that was the cheapest apartment even though it was 30 miles away she pays $11.30 a day on trains.   

She does own a car ... it was her grandpa's car and a headlight is busted and a tire is flat. She earns $1,500 so she comes away with $250 and $56 of that is for travel. Could you pay yer utilities with that and buy food? 
She had planned on sharing apartments with a co-worker but he backed out so she found herself with not much of a safety net. Maybe she could find a friend on Craigslist, those people are nice and normal and never try to beat you to death or anything .... unless yer in Florida or a cat lover in New York that is.  

Yelp responded by sacking her and saying about how the cost of living around San Francisco can be high. Aye, they were total cunts. 
As have a lot of people been which is odd. She has been branded as an entitled millennial probably in part to Keller. 

Maybe those complaining are thinking back to 40 years ago when things were rosy and debts could be paid off instead of being around yer neck for most of yer life because you chose to go to college. Maybe those complaining haven't been in a job in which you can't afford to live, you just merely exist and tread water in life never getting ahead. Raiding the cupboards for a dinner of rice and instant gravy isn't an enjoyable way to live. 

Starting out is always tough but at 25 it should be a little better. Stoopid entitled millennials complaining about living under the poverty line, shut the fuck up and just take it like us older folk. We know our place and those with more money than us are obviously our betters .... wait wha? 

Old Knudsen has been poor, he knows how special a pizza or pack of beer can be. You forgo buying underwear because life has worn you down so much that you need a treat now and then. Being poor can be stressful.  

Well done to her trying to make it in the werld, if she was a 40 year-old living at home you'd be complaining too. She is out there trying to earn money and having a job should be worth the effort. Getting room mates or a second job is not normal, you should be paid a decent 'living' wage. 

 A 67 year-old stuck in traffic so therefore no room in the cuntry for refugees ....  not too wise.

Yelp, yer a pack of fuckers, get with the program. Keller yer a fucker too. When millennials, or anyone has a point and a valid gripe then they should be heard though with social media it is more easy to spot morons. The Interwebs doesn't make you stupid it just shows everyone else that you are stupid. 

We expect the young uns to lern from us old folk though wisdom does not necessarily come with age, plenty of old idiots out there or people that think they know it all. There is always something to lern from anyone of any age you just have to be open to lern it, you won't lern if you label the messenger and dismiss them out of hand. 

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