Friday, 11 March 2016

Kim Kardashian Is Naked ... Again

 Nailed it!

Kim Kardashian whose list of accomplishments are a sex tape, reality show and being famous for having a fat ass and shagging black dudes posted a naked selfie again!     

She recently had her second child and was probably not up to releasing a current pic and so thought an old picture would do the trick.

Who doesn't use older/younger pictures on social media to attract people? ... this one is 10 years old. 
She has received a little backlash cos people are kinda just sick of seeing her.  Old Knudsen likes tits and ass but she has becum like a piece of chewing gum that has lost its flavour. If I think about yer Ma I can still crank one out to it though. 
Bette Midler had a funny response to it which Kim took as an insult. Too long with Kanye she has gone all Donald Trump and took it personally. It's funny for fucks sake, yer an attention hoor, enjoy the attention. 
It's never the people that you want to see naked that take the naked selfies.Why yes, it is Old Knudsen's aim in life to see everyone naked, he has needs you know.

Of course the whole of America wants to see Donald Trump cupping his moobie with his tiny baby hand. A naked Donald Trump would be better and more popular than a naked Kim, everybody would love it.  

Hit back at detractors Donald and show us yer willy. 

Bette is at it again and is taking a selfie from the moral high ground by bringing charity into it. Her good cause is a charity that provides bum tucks and implants for older celebs that suffer from the debilitating disorder of pancake ass. Just imagine the horror of the werld that they must live in. 
Everyone asking if they had been to Vegas .... why?   Because it looks like you lost yer ass. 
   Oh no, someone threw away an old sex doll!

Kim says that showing off her naked ass is empowering .... even though she seems a tad touchy about the response.
Is this the kind of role model that young people need? Imagine growing up and wanting to be like Kim Kardashian, in the ye olden days it was astronauts, doctors, movie stars and war heroes and now it's self absorbed slappers. Should we really know what her taking a dump face looks like?  

She's done pretty well out of being a tart, her sisters (even the fat one) have all gone the way of eating disorders and the gym and when they get too old to go to the gym they can always get a sex change, it's a true and tried method for attention hoors when they need to upstage other attention hoors.

America has had plenty of dumb people with attitudes. Kanye was/is one, those who boycotted the Oscars were others, Trump and all those other candidates that are supposedly on his side are more, then there were the Bundy Oregon protestors, the molesting Duggar family, the Palins, the Duck dynasty and of course the Jenners and Kardashians. The news feed is chock a block with stupid people saying and doing stupid things and the worse thing is that not only do they not know how stupid they are but they also make money out of being stupid.

And stupid people are lapping it up because hey, it's their peeps. Trump speaking his mind is not a quality to be admired, not saying stupid racist and sexist things would be a lot better.

Kim needs to give it a rest. The nakedness, the smug looking selfies. Spend time on fucking up yer children like normal people do, take a year or 10 out and give us a rest.



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