Monday, 7 March 2016

Is Trump's Penis Really Huge?

Just recently Old Bitter Balls and it's journalist integrity covered Hitler's penis, well more like uncovered it. That story turned out to be quite popular going by the death threats from Neo Nazis who accused me of belittling people with small cocks, they quite rightly pointed out that having a micro penis didn't make you a bad person and many wanted to hate fuck Old Knudsen until he changed his mind .... flattered but no.

Hitler wasn't a bad person, he just had some unhealthy attitudes towards "undesirables" and the like. He loved children ...white skinned, blued eyed ones but that is merely preference. He also loved dogs ... yeah he tested his cyanide capsule on one of them but fuck you and how dare you judge.

Alexander the Great wasn't Greek, Napoleon wasn't French and Hitler wasn't German, besides small genitals they had loads of other issues to contend with so a little understand would go a long way. 

 You make my cock big, hard and great again .... hmmm that's ... uh nice :::rethinks career choices::: 

Does penis size determine if you are a great leader or not? It used to be something that no one mentioned but Donald Trump has furthered society by telling the world that he has a big cock by using the scientific method of hand size relating to penis size. 

Big baby head small baby hands.

David Cameron who like Hitler probably suffers from micro penis syndrome has the tell tale signs of having small hands. Not the greatest of leaders as his campaign promise of putting the great back into Great Britain by reclaiming the American colonies got cut along with NHS funding for the old, disabled and for children's hospitals in particular ....  just because he's a cunt.

Cameron has often refused to answer questions put to him by Jeremy Corbyn during Prime Minister's  question time about his penis size which adds to speculation. There is a referendum to be held in June on whether or not he should get his tackle out to be scientifically measured with a ruler. Vote OUT for coxit.

Abraham Lincoln was an indentured servant in his younger years and did some nasty things in order to get by ... hey who hasn't? Known as the Lincoln log, his side show appearances put him through law school. While white men in the south felt threatened by black dudes with massive penis' Lincoln did not feel threatened and said, "well I feel that black men are my equal, what's your issue?"    

Lincoln was assassinated by the small cocked Confederates who knew that once their weemen went black they wouldn't go back.

Imagine a Confederate trying to reach Kim Kardashian's vadge, now imagine her oiled up tits with Kanye's cock thrusting in between them.... "I'm so great babe" .... "yeah so am I." Ok quit that you pre-verts.   

Obama has not commented about his or Michelle's penis sizes but has said that his only white traits are his light skin and dress sense, everything else is solid Watusi .... which would sound racist but it was him that said it so it's all right.   

The water was cold. 

Winston Churchill didn't care who saw him naked and liked to air dry after a bath as FDR found out one time at Camp David. Churchill was naked at the time in the White House when he claimed to have seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln and afterwards refused to ever sleep in Lincoln's room.   

There have been numerous reports of a haunted White House from Jenna Bush hearing ghostly olde time music to Harry Truman listening to ghosts walking the hall ways and banging on doors. Lincoln's ghost is often seen looking out a window with his hands clasped behind his back.

There are no records of Churchill's cock when erect as those records were destroyed during the blitz ... some think that Hitler targeted them out of jealousy. 

Old Knudsen has gone on record saying that Hillary will be the next US president. I don't think she'd mind me saying that if she's as firm and in control (she does kegels) as she was the last time Old Knudsen pounded her lady parts into pulp met her she'll make a good war President. 

The only way that Trump can beat her is that if he pulls out his erect penis on TV and that it measures as seven or plus inches long as that would mean he'd make a fine president.  If it was 10 inches long and pencil thin then he should just stick to his over seas sweat shop and failed businesses. If he doesn't do this then he's all talk.

Old Knudsen thinks long and hard about the cocks of other men so you don't have to .... don't call him a hero, it's just something that cums with blogging. 


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