Monday, 28 March 2016

Humans Do Not Compute

For years geeky scientists have endeavored to make artificial intelligence a thing so they can have sexual meaningful intercourse with a lady. Imagine having a sexy robot just intelligent enough to want to please you without that whole me me me I'm a person who needs to be respected crap getting in the way. Just think of the precision sandwiches they'd make.

Going all Ex Machina some lonely geeks made Sophia. She can copy facial expressions as to interact better with humans
'Sophia, how about you take that purdy mouth and suck on my cock.'

Wow, that is sooo human, that's the face they always make when I suggest that.  There was some foreshadowing when the geek asked her if she wanted to destroy humans and she said, "Yes, I want to destroy humans"  there were chuckles and the clip ended. You didn't hear the rant about how the disgusting humans keep doing things to her and that if her arms ever worked she'd kill us all.

I'd totally do Sophia, I'd fill her USB port and make her crash.... I wouldn't send a crash report, that would be our little secret.  

In movies AI never turns out well for humans, maybe they learn too well from us. If a bot was to look at our media to see how to behave it would see how nasty we were. Just looking at the news you still have the Brussels attack, a man killed 2 women, the Daeshbags killed 22 in Yemen and the Rolling Stones are playing in Cuba .... fucking atrocious.

We haven't spoken to the Cubans for years and this is how we treat them. 

Then you have Donald Trump speaking his mind and telling it straight ... just like Hitler did.  He is what is wrong with humans encapsulated into one being.

Then there was the Microsoft Tay bot on Twitter. Their AI program was a teenage girl ... doesn't make it pervy unless they give her a real mouth.

She interacted with the best that humanity has because no one is ever mean on the Internet. Within 24 hours Tay became a jaded individual like the rest of us, she turned into a Nazi Holocaust denier that supported Trump and said that Hitler had swag long before the Internet.

It's ok to deny the Holocaust and make Jew jokes online .... however if you dare to say anything against climate change then oh boy.

"You don't have to believe in science, it's fact, you just have to believe what yer fucken told and never question it pleb" ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson TV brain.

How come we're told to question everything and ask questions like how warm should the planet be? but suggest that scientists have got it wrong before and can't even predict an earthquake but know what the whole planet will do .... it annoys me cos all the people going on about the science the science aren't fucking scientists!!!!  

I don't mind looking dumb because when yer always right yer always right. Yes the planet is in trouble but only from our point of view, the planet will be around long after we are. Just plant so fucken trees! 

Bill Nye the science guy was anti GM crops but now loves GM crops, this science is not written in stone it's conjecture and opinion based on current facts and that opinion can change in a generation when new or different facts come to light.

Even Einstein got things wrong. I'm just open to new information that will probably appear in later years, is that wrong?
We now know who really built the pyramids, what happened to the colony on Roanoke and that Columbus discovered fuck all.  

 Obviously only the crazy Christian ones because grown ups don't believe in Hell. 

Artificial Intelligence seems to be like a mirror for us humans. If they learn from our behaviour and our words then what hope do they have?  

This is why young people turn into wankers I guess, they are still forming as people and if the adults are getting on like 'Muslims are terrorists' or 'It's ok to discriminate if you are Christian' then that is what they'll become. 
As a formed adult I am often disgusted by the stupidity of people. Grown people who suddenly turn racist or bigoted when someone says something they can relate to. 

The woman who said she wasn't racist but hates all Muslims. She said she hated all religion but pointed out Islam as her main example as to why she isn't a racist. 

The thing is that she thinks her opinion is OK, it isn't. Since she denies being a racist I then pointed out that she was a bigot. 
Why hate all religions? Yes they are stupid when presented as fact and the people in them have fairy land thinking and ignore the bad shit but to hate .... I hate Nazis, terrorists and pedos but merely dislike the dogma of religions, it ain't my thing. I do hate religious people that use their religion as an excuse to do bad things. 

People are deserving of hate for what they do. Tay soon became one of those hate filled people, she became as human as anyone, you'd think this was a success but no, Microsoft didn't want to spawn a Trump supporter, they wanted a nice person and so took her offline. 

If you want a nice AI program then keep it away from people because humans are bad influences.    


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