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How Will Those In The Future See Us?


I recently wondered what people in hundred years will think about how we lived today. If you think back you'd maybe think how difficult it would have been 100 years ago, times were tougher and attitudes were tougher.
In the future will we be as soft as shite and amazed that people still cooked meals from scratch and watched entertainment on screens rather than beamed into their heads?  

100 years or so ago the people didn't appreciate those who were different. Being ghey was illegal, being a woman you had very little choices, most involved breeding and cooking, coloured folk were akin to animals. Were there autistic people back then?

Autism was Columbused discovered in 1944, that's 72 years ago. That was done by redefining definitions because before that, those with Autism or Asperger's were classed as "mental retardation" or "language impairment" or "challenged" very often it would be lumped into the diagnosis of schizophrenia. It wasn't just invented in the 80's and half the werld didn't just become it.

In the past we just weren't very caring or empathetic, feelings were for mothers and if something went wrong we'd shun them or lock them up. If a woman had a miscarriage the baby would be taken instantly and buried in an unmarked grave and the woman would be told to "get over it." You were expected to not talk about yer feelings, it wasn't "normal," even today many belittle those that do talk about their feelings as being weak or if it's men they are not only weak and soft but maybe ghey.

They fail to realise that real men like Old Knudsen can talk about their feelings yet kill their enemies by the hundreds on the field of battle. 

She looked shunning for a Kennedy but they couldn't keep hiding how she was. 

Rosemary Kennedy the daughter of "yellow" Joe Kennedy and the sister to Jack, Bobby, Teddy and how many fat headed cunts were there? In 1918 her mother Rose Kennedy was in labour but the doctor wasn't there so the nurse told her to keep her legs closed until he arrived. The baby's head was in the birth canal for 2 hours and so was deprived of oxygen.
Rosemary was a little slow .... at school there is always that kid who almost drown when they were young and just creeped you out because while they were big and strong they were unpredictable and just not right in the head.

Rosemary had an IQ of a 12 year-old and as she got older became frustrated as her siblings did things she couldn't, this led to out bursts. The Kennedy's couldn't have this shame on them because they were US royalty so they put her in for a Lobotomy.
Cutting away a part of yer brain, what could possibly go wrong? Since we only use 10% we could cut off 90% and function as normal right? .... er wrong, we don't just use 10% the whole thing is used but not always on a conscious level. She was worse off than before the operation, now that with an IQ of a 2 year-old so they locked her up in an institution for the rest of her life.

Two cousins of Queen Elizabeth II who were mentally disabled had also been locked away for life and forgotten about, even though their aunt the Queen Mother was the patron of MENCAP a charity for for those with learning disabilities.

 New Yorkers licking ice blocks on a hot day.

It was only acceptable for men to have sex for pleasure as they weren't the ones that got pregnant. If you think about how the double standard of men being studs and weemen being sluts of today then think how it was back then. People got kids circumcised to stop them wanking, they had some weird ideas that go on today, now they say it's for hygiene ....  yeah right.

Canned food was in it's infancy and frozen food wasn't really a thing, fridges had blocks of ice to keep them cold. I suppose if you were rich it would be ok with servants to light the fires and make the food. The expression 'letting the dust settle' came from the Victorian method of dusting and sweeping your house, it would kick up so much dust that you'd go out for a walk to let it settle.

Drinking water came from leads pipes and wall paper patterns were laced with arsenic. A hundred years give or take 20 or 30, those times were tough but they thought it was normal because that is what they know which explains the varying disgust and confusion of the older generation when the next comes along.

In my day we listened to music on spinning discs, the quality was poor and not as sharp as music on CD's are but we appreciated shit stuff back then. Like an Anne Rice vampire the modern age frightens and confuses us.  MP3 .... is that not a gun? Where do you put the disc?

Human rights wasn't much of a thing but white privilege sure did pay off. The ideals of slavery didn't just vanish when the UK and the US stopped it, people still saw blacks and browns and yellows as be a sub-class of human, some of that attitude continues today. The founding fathers of the US had the ultimate white privilege over 'people of color' and of course over weemen ..... not everyone is equal huh.

The US has people disgusted at Confederate symbols such as their stars and bars flag or any statues to Confederate heroes as that side were fighting for freedom against the US government ... just freedom for white people though.   
In Northern Ireland the UVF get away with being sectarian because some UVF members were killed at the battle of the Somme .... they were poor soldiers anyways but the WWI attitude back then was that the Irish (which the UVF were even though they hated everything Irish) were cannon fodder. Many English still have this view of the Irish. When they were immigrants to the US they hated them there too but now they love us.
Now a politician claims that Ulster/Scots is a language rather than just poor English and he won't say Scots/Irish because again his kind hate anything Irish even though their ancestors were Irish, re-branding hatred.  

Some attitudes change slowly and it depends where it is. It's easier to love the Irish from a distance especially when they aren't bombing yer cuntry in the past few decades. Bobby Sands is still not a hero, no IRA member is a hero.

Poor people weren't given welfare or healthcare and having them die off was acceptable. Being poor if white was just shocking. Now even poor people have more and what is classed as poor isn't the same as it used to be.
Have you ever wondered how you can afford yer next meal? Now poor people have to have the Interwebs in order to find a job and a phone to get that call or e-mail to say yer hired. Saying yer poor while buying a $5 pack of ciggies isn't really poor.

People now a days recall a time when there was no cell phones and kids could play outside in blissful ignorance as there were no pedos or serial killers, time helps people forget. Someday we'll die out and babies will have social media chips implanted as soon as they are born.

We could go to a street corner and use a pay phone and would get letters to say if we had got the job or not. 100 years or so ago people had to do a lot more in person and literacy skills were not all equal.

The old joke of how to spread news of an event, telegraph, telephone and tell a woman ... sexist jokes that now don't work very well now. We only see telegraphs in movies, in 1858 it was thought to be too fast, the New York Times said: "Does it not render the popular mind too fast for the truth?"  The Times in 1861 said it made people "mourn for the good old times when mails came by steamer twice a month." which is exactly like those lamenting about their deprived but happy childhoods before phones and iPads. 

  As things change things stay the same. Crimean vets.   

At the battle of Waterloo there were no dog tags and I mentioned in a previous post the bodies of anyone unknown or just privates with no loved ones nearby were left on the battlefield and later ground up to be used as fertilizer on the crops of England. In 1862 the Union army in the US dismissed a need for dog tags.

In the 2 world wars soldiers were sent to fight but not brought home after death and are buried in those foreign cuntries. 

If you think we treat vets badly now this is nothing. Eventually we looked after our war dead a little more. How many wars and battles have been lost to time? The Crimean war of 1853 - 1856 when Britain and France went to aid the Ottoman Empire against Russia ... not mentioned a lot anymore.
This will become the fate of the two world wars as veterans die and newer wars replace them.

You'll see a clump of streets in Belfast named after Crimean battles, there was a small effort to house vets of the war though the nation was broke and what better place than a street (Oman, Sevastopol, Balaclava) named after the place where they lost friends and have constant nightmares about?

Even with tiny pensions the vets couldn't live and were often seen with signs bagging for money, our version would be military families going to food banks. During his election campaign of 1918 Prime Minister David Lloyd George had promised to "forge a nation fit for heroes to live in." but houses couldn't be built fast enough and then WWII came along and many vets that returned home became squatters.

 Some vets get looked after better than others and she looked after Harry well.

People complain about letting in refugees by saying we can't look after our homeless vets but could we ever? 

It's all a matter of degree. Vets get more help than they used to. Wealthy, well educated types still get more than those who actually need it. It's a dog eat dog werld and people are frowned upon if they eat dogs any more .. crazy!

When Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told David Cameron that his own mother was against his NHS cuts Cameron hit back by saying his mother would tell Corbyn to "put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem."    

Some people still cling to the old attitudes of the past of what is expected or just not on. A politician like Corbyn that doesn't play ball with the upper class twits and thinks that serving the people is more important than a £845 suit from Richard James of Savile row still doesn't fit in with the upper class sense of entitlement.

labyrinth, a movie based on seducing an underage gurl.

From the Jimmy Savile investigations it seems that nearly all the TV and radio presenters of the 60's, 70's and 80's were into rape and underage sex. They used the excuse that it was a different time or they were mature for their age, though that doesn't mean it was right.

People complain that today's world is becoming too politically correct .... I suppose these people miss the days of whites only drinking fountains, no weemen in the work place and disabled people being called mongs or tards, why is PC a bad thing? Like anything too much is a bad thing, in moderation PC is the right thing.

We are propelling ourselves towards a society of equality but that only werks if everyone is on board. People do change and grow up, one day they are joking about dead babies or cancer and then when they experience a loss those jokes aren't so funny any more.

We still give the rich and famous a pass. Is it because we still think they are better than us because they got fame or wrote some cool, catchy songs? ... those toffs that put us in our place. 

Michael Jackson plied kids with alcohol and slept in beds with them yet many prefer to think that he was um "child like" and wasn't a sexually active adult. Prince Andrew had underage hookers but that's what the upper classes do right? .... aren't we just grateful that it wasn't boys?

Socrates, Michelangelo and some of the other Ninja turtles liked to bugger young boys but because they were famous and intelligent we ignore that ... like how the Founding fathers had slaves .... la la la not listening and the chicken and pork I eat doesn't come from tortured animals held in cruel conditions la la la.

We forget and overlook a lot but then there comes a point when you can't avoid it.

Oscar Wilde buggered young boys yet he is sort of an iconic figure because he was persecuted ... did Jesus bugger boys or was he child like and only slept with 12 dudes?

When David Bowie died people talked about the 14 year-old gurl he de-virginized. That same gurl was kidnapped and raped by Jimmy Page but looks back on it all as an adventure. .
Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Don Henley, Ted Nugent, Bill Wyman, R. Kelly, John Peel were all into underage sex and yet are classed as heroes to many.      
It was a different time then, men could get away with all sorts. Jimmy Savile was known about for decades and yet the Queen and the Pope knighted him and he was a favourite of the nation, Mourners at his funeral even dressed like him in tribute.

We have some catching up to do in regards to how we treat one another. The older generations can go to prison for their crimes of 40 years ago, they went free for too long and because no one held the, accountable they thought the rules didn't apply to them.

As newer generations get rid of labels of gender, race and religion the older ones and the damaged ones will complain and still hate but when they die out their life time of hate will mean nothing.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs will have future generations becoming self-actualized to the point that we now would call them bleeding hearted pussies ..... just as those of the past would call us when they see how we treat our children and weemen folk and how it's ok for men to cry. 


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