Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hate Terrorists Not Muslims

Brussels FBI .... Female Boob Inspector.

I've tried to help you with how to survive a terrorist attack and how to read people  in an attempt to make you think about what you would do if caught in a dangerous situation. The best advice is to get away and leave it to the professionals but sometimes you can't like Davitt Walsh  the 28 year-old that swam to a sinking car and rescued a baby (5 people died in the car) or Alphonse Lyoura, an airport baggage security officer at Zaventem Airport in Brussels who didn't run, he went towards the carnage and gave first aid where he could.

These people are the opposite of the cunts that strap bombs onto their bodies and hide in the shadows in order to get the largest body count they can for whatever fucked up reasons they have. Not every hero makes it out alive but to anyone that has ever done anything considered brave you don't think about dying you just go and do what needs to be done and if you are fortunate you can sit and shake afterwards and ask yourself, 'what the fuck did I just do?'  

   The very white Belgium police.

The police in Belgium have been underfunded and are so white and European that they are are bound to fail and let terrorists with guns cross its borders into France or not notice Paris attack planner Salah Abdeslam living in their city.
After 9/11 the intelligence agencies realised how fucked they were when they noticed that most of their operatives were white and fluent in Russian, German or Spanish, not many that could speak Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Dari or Urdu.

When the US Calvary in the 1800's needed to track down and kill Apaches they used other Apaches to do so. Modern day troops deployed to the Middle East use locals as interpreters, a cop or a soldier from a background differing from the enemy can only do so much.

Of the 2,600 policemen in Antwerp only 22 of them aren't white and hardly any of them can speak Arabic. If we are to catch these murderous cunts and keep our cities safe we must change and adapt.

Not having Arabic speakers and ethnic police is a weakness that the enemy is exploiting. They also exploit the fear generated about refugees and migrants. Donald Trump and Ukip spokesman Mike Hookem were quick to use the Brussels attack to further their anti-Islam rhetoric. Idiots were spreading anti-Islam memes and hashtags on social media.

People demand to be free yet at the same time demand that the government knows who is in their country at all times to keep them safe. Oh maybe they just mean what darkies are in their country.

We need to live in a police state with curfews and maybe introduce wristbands, identity numbers on arms and possibly yellow stars on clothing. That is not what we want as then all civil liberties would eventually be taken from us.

You don't build walls and try to defend the old life to the bitter end, you adapt and change with what is happening, you integrate not segregate and soon the them and us becomes more us and the enemy has no where to hide.

I keep repeating my line during these times of those fucking Muslims or bloody immigrants.    

Hate people for their actions, not for what they are.     

Hate the terrorists, and their supporters, don't label everyone of the same faith or colour as terrorists or trouble makers because that is just uneducated fear talking. White people, Christians and military vets don't want to be represented by Dylann Roof , Timothy McVeigh, Anders Breivik or Thomas Hamilton so don't assume all brown Muslims are Salah Abdeslam or Osama fucken bin lid .... that's stupid. 

 Crazy Bob. 

Hate and fear is contagious and not based on reason or logic so don't let it infect you. Many Muslims are on social media apologizing for what some dickheads did in Brussels, they shouldn't have to. Show sympathy and speak out against it but don't say sorry for it, you can say you are sorry that it happened.

Did white Christians take to social media to apologize when Robert Lewis Dear shot 3 people dead outside a Planned Parenthood clinic?    

I'm not responsible for the actions of other people, even those I share a skin colour with. Like Dear, Hitler was also a white Christian and I don't see anyone feeling the need to apologize for him either. Personal responsibility, only those who had a hand in the killing or knew about it before hand and did nothing are to blame. 

Blame the terrorists.  

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