Friday, 4 March 2016

Bus Sized Death From Above

Meteor sized bus

Meteors hit the Earth all the time, the reason we aren't dying is because of our atmosphere burning them up and that most of the planet is covered in water. The ones that get past our often useless atmosphere (why do we even have one) get shot doon by me and my laser pen though police have urged people not to do this because airplane pilots are fucking divas that HAVE to look out the window. 

On Feb 6th a meteor 16 - 23 feet wide meteor hit the Earth with Hiroshima-type atomic bomb power and the Interwebs did not wring their hands lamenting of the coming doom. It's shite when you don't know about something until it's over, how the fuck can you get worked up about it and scare the public? 

Like politics, wouldn't it be awful if political parties and whoever else canvassed for just a week and then had the vote? We'd miss the 2 years of crap were experiencing in the US election. Maybe we'll have a referendum on whether or not to stay in the EU in June.... why not now? It's not as if any Brits are suddenly going to start do research on the pros and cons, they'll just vote for the opposite of the one they don't like, Brits are begrudging scornful voters.

We like our media hysteria foreplay otherwise we feel like we've missed out. 

Remember in 1954 when a 50ft by 10ft meteor fell into the sea just off Sydney? Nah me neither but it happened.  

Then there was the Chelyabinsk impact of 2013 with a 65ft meteor that blew up in the air injuring 1200 Russians .... we heard about that when the dash cams did. 

Death from above can happen and those cunts at NASA with their Near Earth Program probably won't tell you about it. 

The bright side is that yer more likely to die in the bathtub at a one in 685,000 chance than killed by a meteor or a one in five chance of dying from cancer .... don't say I never cheer you up.  

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