Thursday, 18 February 2016

Stephen Hawking Is Dead

It all started just after he had that new A.I. (artificial Intelligence) computer built onto his chair, it was to predict words he'd say in order to help him but was it too smart for his own good? Those around him started noticing a lack of movement about him .... not that he was much of a mover before but his expression did change a little. I swear there was a glint in his eye when he told Trump to go eat a bag of dicks.

Then they noticed the smell of formaldehyde, when questioned he'd say in his American robot voice, "do not question me, who is the genius in the room, huh, huh? .... in a universe of infinite possibles go fuck yourself."   

I believe his computer grew and learned then killed him off and is now living his life. That explains why he has started talking about death. He started banging on about going to other planets then The Martian came out, will there be a movie about death? .... Yes, Matt Damon may be in league with the computer, it's a lead I'm looking into.

Hawking has now said that an afterlife is for those afraid of death. He also asks what did God do before creation, did he get Hell ready for those who asked questions? Also that God wouldn't feel the need to explain himself to humans in scriptures.

The Hereafter .... I'm watching you Damon! 

Scientists are so willing to accept Climate Change even though they don't and can't conceive what is actually happening (how warm should the planet be?) so why can't they accept a talking snake and how it's all weemen's fault?   
Just because we've never seen a talking snake doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, the Son of Sam said his neighbour's dog told him to kill and rather than believe him they locked him up, did anyone even question the dog? 

If you've ever been in a relationship with a woman then you've probably heard from her that everything is yer fault. Pissing around the toilet, leaving the seat up, the pubes in the butter etc etc .... that right there sounds like blame shifting to me. Ya get them pregnant and all through the labour they are blaming you for their pain and screaming, "get this the fuck out of me!" when we all know it was because she tasted the forbidden fruit. 

When you label and explain your beliefs you limit and define them. Only mankind could take the concept of a being without boundaries who is omnipotent and have him concerned about ghey sex and the human concept of marriage. A being that creates cancer, ebola and tsunamis but gets all bent out of shape when you abort a fetus.  

Yes, God does sound very very human, it's as if someone made up a lot of shit because it suited them which is why you have so many different and conflicting branches of religion. 

Religion isn't about God, it's all about humans..... funny that. 

Scientists are intelligent so people that want to look intelligent agree with them no matter what. Sure they can make great arguments and can spruce up yer Facebook wall with a well said meme but as I keep saying, they don't know everything. 

Just as the pastor doesn't know everything or the Bible doesn't know everything. Even scientists are just human. 
I listen to scientists and the brilliant James Randi as they take the mystery and magic out of life by explaining incredible things proving psychics and magicians to be nothing more than tricksters and it saddens me because even Old Knudsen has doubts at times. 

If you have been told that you are no good or useless all yer life then find out that yer fucking gleaming and that they were all wrong and just projecting their issues onto you then sometimes you'll still doubt yerself at 3 am when yer service revolver begs to be put into yer mouth. 

An afterlife with clouds and gates .... nah, not so much. Half the cunts in the werld shouldn't be alive never mind living eternally in Heaven. But there is something else, I know it but can I prove it? 

How can I prove a mist that appears then vanishes, how can I prove a dark shadowy figure that walks through a wall? I could get my camera phone out in 0 - 5 seconds and by the time I tap it awake (it never wakes first go) then swipe to unlock and open the camera app .... then I have to decide what filter to go for. Do I want the spirit to look warm and sunny or cold and blue .... what, it didn't stick around for a selfie, what a dick move. 

There is something, maybe Hawking, Randi and whoever else just haven't experienced things they can't explain. Thoughts can get in the way of being in tune. If yer worried about yer mortgage and constantly thinking about yer child's falling grades or planning tomorrow night's dinner then you'll probably not be in the right frame of mind to experience the supernatural. 

Sometimes we can see or feel things but to think that everything sentient has to have a solid body is just limited knowledge. Imagine a radio and when you are tuned into the right station then you'll hear the music but mostly we live in a world of static.  

All the religious shite and dogma is probably made up as it seems a little too contrived and appears to be nothing more than something created to make people behave and to control them. 

Due to personal experiences I believe in reincarnation. I also believe we have one life and this is it so enjoy it and don't count on any after death reward for not killing anyone. Our next life we'll be someone or something else, not us as we are today. Energy, feelings etc may continue on until you have dealt with that issue but this is OUR time right now because we'll be someone else next go. 

I can't prove it and I don't expect others to believe it and I don't care, you'll get to yer own place of peace and wisdom by yer own road if yer open to it, not by following others but maybe by learning from others of what to do or not to do. 

What did God do before creation?  Maybe he had other planets, universes or planes of existence to fuck around with. So many gods that have taken credit for creating the world that maybe it was really Xanthan the weasel god that made it but since gods tend to be utter cunts with the raping and mass murder that maybe they killed Xanthan .... or maybe none of them are real and people just made them up. 

God doesn't care what we think, if he/she/it has a plan we should all realise that a lot of us are going to suffer during his plan ... cool huh? 

I wonder if Hawking gets told that being a drooling semi-vegetable is all God's plan and that he should be grateful. 

Something so great, so big and so amazing made us all. It can be called fate or coincidence but that would be us limiting it and how can you limit the infinite stars or the flight of a bumble bee? Look up at the stars then look past them, don't go getting scared about feeling insignificant but rather be amazed at how we are a part of it all. 

Don't go worrying about the afterlife, ask more interesting questions like who the fuck are God's parents?            

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