Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Should The UK Leave The EU?

Boris taking a selfie. 

Boris Johnson the mayor of London caused panic in the British media and financial markets when he backed the idea of the UK leaving the EU. 
Boris is an upper class twat but for some reason he is well liked in the soft south of England, they see him as loveable and eccentric. A bumbling eccentric leader, only the English would find that appealing. Being a character will get you far in the UK. Put a scarf around Johnson's neck and hey, you have a Doctor Who. 

Looks like he's aiming for PM in future years .... Gog help us.  

He wants to leave because um .... Britain will have increased sovereignty. What the fuck does that mean? We'll have more of a say over what happens in the UK, aye but nothing else and I believe that most of the shite decisions and cuts have come from the Tory government, not the EU. 

If we left the EU then all those horrible EU laws would go, we could claim back our territorial fishing waters, we can work longer hours without breaks, ditch all that paid leave crap and employers could treat us like the scum we are, that scheme in which people on benefits worked without getting a proper wage could come back because the EU has too many laws that help people and it isn't very Tory orientated, no wonder most of them want to leave, they can get back to the double jobbing and privatizing the NHS. 

Do we really need an EU Human rights act? I'd rather have the Tories decide my human rights, they did so well during the hunger strikes that I totally trust them. 

We could get rid of all the blacks and browns that don't speak gud English those bloody foreigners migrant workers so jobs could go to lower qualified Brits instead. I'd rather been seen by a British doctor that knows nothing than one with a funny accent that knows their job. 

Of course that means that Brits can't work in the EU either .... ach they'd be stupid for leaving Britain anyways. Those expats in Spain will have to leave too.  
Nigel Farage says we could be like Norway which is a non-member but has a great EU relationship ... um, no. Norway is civilized, the UK just isn't smart enough. Switzerland is another non-member and both those cuntries trade with the EU and both have to follow twice as many rules to do so than the UK is following now.

We would still be in NATO however we'd have no military influence as the EU makes that stronger and the US would probably dump us as a key ally but who needs them? .... Unless Germany attacks us again and then we can merely beg them for help again. They were freaking out when we didn't put enough into the military budget, just think how they'll be when we're reduced to a few squads and a small boat.

All the EU nations with their police and counter-terrorism agencies will stop giving us information and will stop working with us so that we stay safe .... Do we really need safety anyways? Donald Trump built a golf course here, I'm sure he could build us some walls if we made him Prime Minister. 

Because no one can ever get over or under a wall, it just isn't possible.

We would no longer be forced into renewable energies, we could drill and frack the fuck out of the UK. 

Sure we'd be an outsider on the edge of Europe and investors won't touch us because EU cuntries are cheaper to work in. We'd still have to follow EU trading standards if we trade with them and it will cost us more but on the bright side I'm sure China would invest as long as we sell them loads of property and give them a say in our major companies.  

We'd no longer have farm subsidies which means farmers will have to work more and of course put their prices up. 50% of our exports go to EU nations but since we're cutting back on the military and won't have EU membership fees to pay we can afford it and we'd have all that extra stuff kicking around because we can't find buyers for it all. The US takes 15% of our exports, I'm sure we could live off that if we pull in our belts a bit. 

Scotland will probably leave the UK, I believe they regret not having voted 'yes' the last time. 

With people like Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and the DUP wanting out of the EU with the thinking that Britain can be its own boss then it has to be a great idea.

We aren't a major player anymore, we aren't an empire .... all that has gone never to return. We'll be a tiny island having to pay more and follow more rules if we want to trade. The US and China will bypass us in favour of Germany and France who are the big players and we won't have any say. Even Italy will mock us.

Right now our politicians have done well in the EU with rules being written to benefit the UK it's only playing to the xenophobia of the masses that everything we do is dictated to us from Brussels. Northern Ireland will really be up shit creek with way less investment and what will happen to those that enjoy being Irish? ... they get to be British or they can go to Ireland.

The pound has already dropped thanks to Boris, that is a taste of things to come as markets freak out. We'll be proper fucked if we leave the EU, there is no up side, just unrealistic hopes and memories of a time when we were more important ... in our minds at least.      

There are more reasons that it benefits us (the people and cuntry) to stay in the EU than to leave it.



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