Friday, 5 February 2016

Rainbows Are As Bad As Chemtrails

It's common knowledge that 'The Government' repeatedly sprays chemtrails into the air to control the weather and the population. You can read a thousand websites about it on the Internet and you can see those strange lines in the sky too .... obvious proof.

What government, the British government? we can't even get potholes fixed and weeds in the council estates sprayed but they'll spray chemtrails? The American government? ... yeah cos they give a shit about the morons in Northern Ireland and why would they not dump out the chemtrails at sea where no one would see them? Why are chemtrails only visible when there is moisture in the air? Go to SoCal inland in the summer and you know what you'll never see until autumn? ... yep, chemtrails. Better still get off the fucken Internet and go learn about science you idiot.   

Something the government doesn't want you to know is that rainbows did not exist pre 1939.  The movie the wizard of Oz was actually government propaganda to introduce rainbows. Rainbows were actually created by L. Frank Baum, an American author of children's books. 

The government took Baum's story and made it into a movie but Florence Ryerson one of the screenplay writers fought against government lies and put clues into the movie such yellow brick road and the man behind the curtains pulling the strings.

(The orginal walk way to the entrance of Area 51 was made with tan coloured bricks) 

Rainbows are lasers created small unmanned craft of extraterrestrial design thought to have been reversed engineered by one captured from the Nazis in 1936 in Algeria. These beams of light are lasers locked onto lay lines within the Earth and used to power larger Motherships hidden behind the moon. 

The human/alien pact means they can re-fuel their ships and abduct whoever they want (except important people) cos aliens gotta eat. 

The chemtrails are used to make the area more adaptable to their laser technology which is why you often see rainbows in places where you've also seen chemtrails ..... in the sky! 

Write to yer local politician and demand a stop to these rainbows. Experts say we'll run out of lay line power in the next 50 years then the Earth's axis may very well reverse causing catastrophes and shortages of milk, eggs and bread every where. 

Open yer eyes sheeple, why have NASA never ever once mentioned rainbows? Bottled water, Global warming and the Moon landings have all been lies to distract you from yer meds the truth!   

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