Monday, 8 February 2016

Not Safe For Libraries

In my time I've been informed that libraries on the mainland have banned Old Knudsen's blog and now it seems that libraries in Northern Ireland have done so too. You know where else you can't read this blog? .... communist China that's where. News flash chinkys communism doesn't werk so fuck up about it.

Libraries need to be protected, they are places where poor and smelly people get to read books .... aye not them Twilight or Harry Potter books but real books like the ones about knitting or history.  Everything on Old Knudsen's blog is true, that is why they don't want you reading it.

As I was saying to my mate Dave Grohl from the Food fighters, "I want a place online where people don't have to figure out if it's a satirical site or not, they'll know it's all real." Then we snorted some coke of a hobo and jammed and marmaladed for hours.          

Me therapist often goes on about things seeming like they are real to me but in reality didn't happen. Ach she's a lovely lass and if what happened to me in Lithuania isn't covered by her training then she should just say so.
I knew I should have gone to the WAVE trauma centre instead of the NHS. Due to Old Knudsen's extensive military service I had all the shrinks beating doon my door to get into my head. At least for 5 quid Wave would give you a massage and had a reflecting garden, when I suggest a massage to my therapist she gets all uncomfortable looking and spends the rest of the hour taking about boundaries .... again.    

I've had an uneasy relationships with libraries, they say the books are free but now I'm having to dodge their debt collectors because they want the books back. I'm not going to ask people for their Christmas presents back, that's just mean.
You have to watch out as now they put those RFID chips onto the books so peel them off unless you like their alarms going off. Sounds like entrapment to me.

If you go into a library their RFID machines take yer passport, bank card and phone details and pass them on to the local domestic spying agencies.

As I was saying to Elvis last week, "thinking that everyone is out to get you and that you are followed everywhere and everyone is talking about you doesn't mean yer paranoid."  He said someone about fried bananas and passed out .... he does that sort of thing, I don't know why I even talk to him.  

The conspiracy is that libraries are not bastions of freedom and education, they are bastards of disinformation that want to keep the werd of Knudsen away from the people in case they did listen to what he says and all became powerful Warlocks like wot he is .... Can you imagine the shit fit Cameron would have when faced with thousands of powerful Warlocks and Warlockesses all wanting pay raises for the nurses and doctors and to bring back hanging .... but televised?       

The powers that be have noted how the day after I arrived in Berlin in 1989 the wall came down and that my holiday in Tunisia coincided with the Arab Spring movement in 2010 .... no wonder North Korea refuses to let me enter the cuntry.

Just watch out for those libraries, you get nothing for free these days, never trust a place that encourages you to read fiction. 

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