Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Jesus Was A Brown Skinned Socialist Hippy From The Middle East And A Possible Terrorist

"It's easier to follow Christ on Twitter while singing The Eye Of The Tiger than it is for a hypocrite to enter the kingdong of Heaven."  ~ 2 Corinthians

*Jesus* healed the sick for free, fed the multitude for free and taught wisdom ..... for free.  He also hung around with 12 blokes and a fag hag but we won't get into that.

If Jesus had not been shot by that lone gunman from yon book suppository he would have turned the Roman Empire into socialist utopia and would have given the sermon, 'Why everyone should not be allowed to own guns.' 

Would he be happy that loads of his followers are smug, conceited, entitled bags of hate fuck? ... why no he wouldn't. Love thy Neighbour isn't open to interpretation you dickwads, sort it out cos the way yer getting on isn't following in the way of Christ, it's following in the way of for Christ's sake. 

*Jesus is imaginary with no historical evidence of his existence yet you manage to fuck up how you believe in mythology. Christ and all dogma should be kept to yerself and not used to dictate your will onto others, terms and conditions may apply .... all hail Satan!*    

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