Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Einstein's Brain On eBay

When Albert Einstein died did he think his brain would be used as a conversational piece at a parties?  His brain was found to have more tightly-packed neurons than usual which made him more likely to be used on Facebook memes than anyone else.

His frontal pre-cortial peferencing canal was found to be wider than usual and so it is thought that numbers found it easier to flow through it than us with narrow gaps, 4's with their pointy bits usually get stuck on the tight bends ..... yeah I may have made some of that up.    

Pathologist Thomas Harvey had Einstein's brain. He convinced his son that by removing it neuroscience could be advanced .... lol!  He sliced the brain into over 200 pieces and sent them to "experts."

He actually removed it without consent but got it from the son afterwards for um ... legals reasons. 

He kept the brain in two jars in a beer cooler. Eventually he tried to give bits to Einstein’s granddaughter but she was more into cock.

The brain is in two US museums now.  

In 1994 there is a video of Harvey fishing the brain out with a fork and slicing a piece off on a kitchen chopping board for a visitor whose dream it was to have a piece of Einstein's brain. He was even allowed to scientifically poke it with his finger .... better than Disneyland huh. 

Einstein who became famous for being smart and having goofy hair would probably see the funny side... that's how I like to think anyways.

Lucy Rorke-Adams, a prominent neuropathologist at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has 46 slices, she got them in the 70's. The 70's was a time when things like that happened.

She has mostly used them as a lure to get young men to her apartment so she can have some sexy time. "Hey wanna come see Einstein's brain?"  .... who could possibly refuse? 

She can't really tell much from them except they look pretty and because they once held thoughts of genius so then they are special. She did say that the cells looked youthful given that Einstein was 76 when he died. 

Einstein said that if he had known the world would write down every single one of his words, he'd have retreated to his shell and not said a thing ..... I bet there is a meme of that. I doubt he thought much about his body once he was dead ... it's a body, a shell ... just an organic machine .... worm food.  

In a 1932 letter to Queen Elisabeth of Belgium he said:

"We have been endowed with just enough intelligence to be able to see clearly just how utterly inadequate that intelligence is when we are confronted with what exists. If this humility could be imparted to everybody, the world of human endeavors would become more appealing."

To break that down, we're just smart enough to get ourselves into trouble ..... yes I read the werds but it's my genius that decides its true meaning.

His theory of gravitational waves has been recently proven to be true, I'm sure that means something to someone. What it means to us plebs is that he was um quite smart, his brain and the study of it doesn't mean shit though, it was his ideas that mattered.    

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