Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Depression Is So Easy Even A Caveman Can Do It

50,000 years ago (unless you believe the Bible :::snigger::::) our ancestors looked around and thought, 'hmm Africa isn't really for me, all those sexy monkeys to fuck and catch diseases from, I'm off' and so they migrated out of Africa into Europe, they started smoking and wearing dodgy ass fashions but the monkey love was always in their head so they fucked their Neanderthal cousins cos once you go hairy you never go back .... so I've heard.    

What's the point? I'll never get a good job whatever that is and I'll be stuck killing bison all my life.  

Tony Capra, assistant professor of biological sciences at Vanderbilt University said that risks for common diseases may have been derived partially from Neanderthal DNA. Some of these diseases have to do with skin, blood, immune system, depression and addiction. 

And that is why yer just an assistant professor Tony. 

Is addiction a disease? That would be handy for all those caught up in it. Why do dicks always look for excuses for themselves to be dicks? .... 'I didn't have a choice, it was my illness that made me go to the bar get blootered and then gamble away the rent money, I can't help it ya know, I'm sick.'    

No, I think you can help it. Remember when Russell Brand blamed society for him becoming a junkie? What about all the rest of the people living in that same society that didn't hang out with sleazy addicts and dealers, why did they/we not become junkies? 

Bloody Tories, made me stick a needle in my arm because of NHS emergency room closures and bedroom tax. If they come out with any more austerity measures I'll probably have to have some crack.  

Well Mungo came. 

This story is being used to explain why you suffer depression..... cos yer a fucking caveman! If yer from European descent then you have some Neanderthal DNA. "Experts"  have said that most contain only 1-4% Neanderthal DNA if any but the amount of DNA relating to skin disease or depression can be more or less than in some others. 

Some folk may have 70% of that DNA relating to skin disease while others only have 10% of their Neanderthal genes going towards it. 

It sounds a little like troll science to me but since I haven't spend a few hours on the Interwebs reading about this then I'm hardly an "expert."    
Some have more Neanderthal DNA than others.
As you know that Africans and Asians never suffer skin disease, have immune system problems or suffer depression or addiction so this is obviously what's causing it.  Old Knudsen looks at those trophy hunting pictures on social media and gets sad. Not because a beautiful animal has been killed for fun but because I wasn't the one who ran it off the edge of a cliff to kill it.

 I'm I the only one that looks at her tits in this picture? 

When I go up to Cave hill for a walk I look at the caves and get sad because with some skins on a rack outside to dry and with a few cave paintings of hunts on the walls they would really look nice ... it makes me depressed. 

Brain glitches, chemical imbalances, not dealing with issues and loss ... for the weak, I get depressed for no reason because one of my ancestors had no game and could only get Neanderthals to date them. 

I also eat chocolate, drink, do drugs and gamble .... not for a quick easy fix to my problems but because Agnes of the bear clan craved some hairy monkey man cock or George of the weasel tribe liked them rough. 

Science has been made more easier for us dumb people with Neanderthal DNA.    

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