Monday, 22 February 2016

Christian's Need To Follow In The Socialist Ways Of Jesus

 Suck it Trump!

The Pope started a fight with Donald Trump by saying that Trump was "not a Christian" in regards to wanting to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out. Trump responded by saying, "you're not a broad so quit wearing dresses, next you'll be calling yourself Caitlyn, get smart loser!"  

There were some other remarks about the walls around the Vatican but people can come and go there as they please as it's always open .... well the buildings aren't of course or all the gold would get stolen and Vatican city has only welcomed 2 refugee families in but as always with Christianity it's the thought that counts.

Trump's final word was, "who died and made him the expert on Christian matters?"   

Pope Francis was probably outraged at this as Pope Benny (the real Pope) is still alive and responded.

"I'm gonna make that asshole suck my celibate cock like an Argentinean choir boy."  

I'll kill that straw haired devil!

In fact the Pope thought he saw Trump in the crowd during his visit to Mexico and had to be pulled away by security.

Foreigners coming over here questioning the beliefs of others. You cannot walk around the US (especially in Trump's New York) without tripping over drugs smuggled over from Mexico and every brown skinned person is either a rapist or an ISIS terrorist, what does the Pope know about things?

Did you know that Trump has the name 'Central Park' copyrighted copywroted that he owns that name? I'm only going to type it once as I have to pay him $50 for mentioning it the one time but yes, New York has to pay him to use the name. US laws are crazy and yet I was asked to leave the cuntry for selling children to Arabs, those 1%ers get away with all sorts.  

Trump treats weemen like second class citizens, he also thinks he is God's gift to the werld and that his werd is final and infallible. Maybe Francis saw something of himself in Trump cos that sounds very pope like to me.
It takes a special type of narcissist to want to be the head of a thing like Catholicism or the US.    

I wonder how many pedos Trump has protected.

Trump doesn't like to get into it with the Pope as he has a cult of crazy followers, many of which are US voters. Then there are the ones that just like the Pope for some reason, he reminds them of an elderly relative so they ignore the homophobic remarks he makes about marriage and child rearing and just remember the, 'who am I to judge' one. Magical and selective thinking ain't just for the religious. 

Trump sounds as Christian as any I've seen, what yer mistakenly thinking is that being a Christian automatically makes you a good person.

Christian does not = being a good or nice person. "Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are his own." As said by an Abbot to a Crusader who was worried about killing Taigs when he was hacking some heretics to death in the 13th century. 

 Socialist, not Communist .... oy vey go lern something.

If you are a Christian it doesn't mean yer a love thy neighbour, turn the other cheek help the poor type of person, you should be if you claim to be a follower of the mythological figure Jesus H Christ as he wasn't a judgmental type and would always get stuck in if there was people to feed and heal .... why yes, Jesus was a socialist.

Is that where Christians go wrong? C'mon you Bible thumpers, get with the socialism. What the pope should have said was that, "Trump is not a good person and a total smug arsehole twatwaffle" as that right there describes most people that claim to be Christian.

Since Jesus was a mythical socialist then you should ask yerself, What Would Bernie Sanders Do? Old BS is closer to Jesus being Jewish and all and doesn't want yer soul to feed on like those old dress wearing men, he wants to feed yer kid's minds full of education and look after the poor. He also isn't into all these wars that the US keep losing at either.

He won't get into the White house because he's not mean enough and is a threat to the bankers that Obama and Hillary support but shouldn't the US want to be as good as he wants it to be? The second biggest economy in the US can't send its young people to college for free or look after its poor and vulnerable like smaller poorer socialist cuntries can .... What the fuck America? That isn't very Christian, when Jesus returns he'll be going to Sweden.

The Pope is oh so quick to condemn or passive aggressively condemn at times but I don't hear him giving any warm fuzzies out.  C'mon Pope you 1%-ing fart knocker, give us some gold, it's the Christian thing to do.  




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