Thursday, 4 February 2016

Bring Me Yer Huddled Masses ... Not Your Men Of Fighting Age

Migrants and refugees have just realised that they left their wives and children behind in poor or dangerous conditions. "I was too busy trying to escape ISIS as I no longer wanted to be a fighter that I forgot the ol ball and chain and our 17 children ... death to the west lol!" said one refugee in Germany as he eyed up all the white blonde weemen.  

There has been a lot of talk about unaccompanied children and how the UK will be accepting orphans but the European Union’s criminal intelligence agency has stated that about 10,000 children have gone missing.

Save the Children have said that 26,000 unaccompanied children entered Europe last year and in just Italy 5,000 have vanished and in Sweden 1,000. Not all have been sold off as sex slaves, some may just be with other relatives but there seems to be an EU wide people trafficking industry with an abundant source to feed off.

 Hungry in Hungary.

While Old Knudsen is all for supporting the refugees you can't be stupid about it. Yes criminals will get in possibly some wannabe terrorists too. To me I'm seeing a lot of fit, healthy males of fighting age .... the kind a patrol in Fallujah would be on the look out for. (though anyone can be a terrorist) Not everyone has the bittered balls enough to wear a uniform and pick up a gun and to become a target to fight terrorism but there is seriously A LOT of young men looking for new lives in Europe.
Kurdish weemen have the balls and the trigger discipline to fight terrorists.

In 1191 Richard the Lionheart killed 2,700 Muslim prisoners at the port city of Acre. Saladin couldn't come up with the ransom and Richard didn't want to leave a large force as prisoners behind when he left .... Crusaders were fanatical cunts and Richard was a most cuntish of cunts.

It did solve a problem however ... not that I'm saying kill them all, that would be evil, nah just the unattractive and shifty looking ones.

"I told my wife and children I'd send for them but now I'm in Sweden listening to Abba and driving a Volvo, they'd just cramp my asylum seeking style .... lol!"  

As you know, Old Knudsen is an investigative journalist. I was doing a report about the town of Tenancingo in Mexico. That small quaint looking town is known ... famous perhaps as being a place that trafficks in children.

Yes yes yes, being a journalist means my laptop is full of dodgy pictures, it's research, lets just get past that part and never speak of it again.   

The thing about Tenancingo is that the children growing up there and in other places don't know about it and so are innocents and prime targets.

A typical story of child trafficking, Karla Jacinto had been abused at the age of 5, had always felt abandoned by her mother and came from a dysfunctional family. When she was twelve a 22 year-old man took an interest in her and treated her well.

For someone so young with trust issues being seen as special might just be enough to turn your head. He bought her things and took her places and soon she was whisked away by her prince in his bright red Firebird Trans Am to the city of Guadalajara.

It turned out that he was a pimp and put her to work servicing 30 men a day from 10 am to midnight. He'd take her to other cities and towns working her 7 days a week. If she complained or talked about leaving she'd be beaten with a chain.  After she had her pimp's baby that was taken away and used as leverage to keep her in line.

One day 30 uniformed police officers raided the brothel she was in, they kicked out the customers but then made a deal for themselves to have 4 hours of fun with the obviously underaged and distressed girls, some as young as 10.

Karla was rescued when she was 16 during a trafficking raid, by then she had estimated that she had been raped 43,200 times. She now speaks out against trafficking which puts her life in yet more danger.

If you go to Tenancingo and you stand out as not being local yer safety cannot be guaranteed by anyone. The Mayor and the local officials all know their place, the police are corrupt and the street thugs do whatever they want to do. It's not lawless, there are just various factions that maintain order so they can buy and sell children for sex.

The pimps use the excuse that their father were pimps and at the age of 13 they were told they were pimps. This excuse has been used worldwide for spanking children, circumcision, job choices, poor behaviour that needs explained and parading in Northern Ireland ... if you have used this excuse to do something that is offensive to others or mistreats them then please go kill yerself stat! 

You are not yer parents, try to have an original thought for fucks sake.  

These Mexican syndicates reach out to many cities in the US too, it's an epidemic. Now you have thousands of children in Europe that don't exist on any data base that can just disappear without anyone asking questions about them.
If fact there doesn't seem to be anyone asking questions at all. If they are teenagers we just shrug and say they ran off to be rebellious and if younger then we ignore it unless they are photogenic and have a name.

The situations are there being exploited and as usual the vulnerable are at risk. We need to talk about this a lot more because not enough is being done. You get Christian outrage at abortion, where is the Christian outrage at child abuse?    

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