Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Death Of Satire

After a hectic morning session of CrossFit Body Combat Zumba-acise in which I pressed 3 benches and a werk top I sat doon to log onto Facebook with my detox shake of rabbit liver and kiwi fruit to post that I been to the gym. As you know 96% of my posts are how I exercised or how my bowel movement went that week ... me stomach is bubbling by the way, I expect a detox any moment and it's gonna be messy.

But I was unable to post about it so will it have really happened? Ach sure I can post about it on my numerous fake backup Face Book accounts, on Instagram, Twitter and even on Tinder. (no idea why I get no dates from that site) I can even pin my bowel movements onto Pinterest but it isn't the same.

The reason why I can't post onto Face Book ....
I can sign in and LIKE comments but I'm like a ghost on my own page, not able to comment to my friends or my pet German troll. I have some Atheists on my friends list, without my guidance and morals they may commit murder or something.

What did I say that was so bad that I was blocked? Did I call for a race war or support breast feeding? Facebook really does not like the breast feeding.

On a friend's page he had an anti-BBC petition accusing them of bias. Well of course they are biased as they are State run, like RT but with better marketing.

One of his friends made a comment that said 'the Arab industry' I take it he meant the media in the Arab world but didn't have the words to make complete sense. Not everyone are werdsmiths like what Old Knudsen is.

You know Old Knudsen, it doesn't take much amuse him so he went with it and commented.

"Are there factories that make Arabs? We need to bomb those." 

Well I thought it was funny, not a big break away hit funny but funny enough. It was more an ironic anti-war statement than just pure fun but I guess who ever reported me just didn't get it.

Ach the rules of engagement are that if someone says something stupid you then have the right to mock them
for it.

 This is for you Facebook.

I have no regrets, the world will be missing a hero for social justice for a few hours but it's the weekend and nothing happens at the weekend. Dumb people will be dumb but they'll still be dumb tomorrow and the day after.

Let this be a reminder that all those people from 2015 that took offense over every single thing will still have those sticks up their arses this year. 

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k said...

As one of those Atheists I can tell you without your guidance the past few hours have been absolute mayhem. Zuckerbergermeister could give a shit but I really feel the loss.