Friday, 8 January 2016

I Don't Mean To Offend You .... But I Will

Her chatted up on live TV face. 

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle got fined £4,900 for inappropriate conduct when he asked female sports presenter Mel McLaughlin out for a drink during a live interview. While she asked him questions about the pitch and his injuries he was more interested in causing some injury to her pitch .... I have no idea what I just said there. 

"To see your eyes for the first time is nice. Hopefully we can have a drink afterwards." When she reacted with a clenched mouth and looking away he added, "Don't blush baby."

She said she wasn't blushing and quickly finished the interview. The male pundits in the studio went on to say how unprofessional Gayle was and that Mel was a much respected colleague and a strong woman who would not have appreciated such a comment. 

McLaughlin told her Network,  "I'm a little bit disappointing because I'm not used to seeing that. I don't really want to be the subject of such conversations."  

So lets talk about it then. 

A strong woman like Mel doesn't mind being proud of her IQ score. 

Firstly, fucking cricketers huh, what a load of animals, as bad as golfers and what did I tell you about those black fellas after all the weemen? Well I hope they choke on his thick giant cock. 

2015 was the year of being offended, this was just a cocky lad belittling a female who stupidly went into sports instead of say ... nursing or being a vet. She probably cries her self to sleep at night that she didn't get pregnant by accident in order to snare a wealthy husband. 

Lets stop getting offended by all this silly crap, when did everyone become pussies? Her high cut top and talk about field conditions gave me a chubby so lets quit with the whole treating weemen in a demeaning manner rubbish rubbish. 

It was just a joke, Gayle has total respect for weemen, look at what he put into his bedroom for them. How many weemen have said to Old Knudsen, "I'd love to become a pole dancer but I don't have anywhere to practice my moves" .... the amount of weemen that have said that isn't important, the fact that they can now dance away and if they fall, well thoughtful Gayle has put some padding down for them. 

Gayle may have walked out of his apology press conference when a reporter mentioned how upset McLaughlin had been but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. I bet if Mclaughlin knew he had ceiling mirrors she'd be all look at me, reverse cow gurl. 

I bet yer kicking kicking yerself now McLaughlin you whiner, this could have been you. 

What's next, are we not to even allowed to suggest that successful weemen obviously slept their way to the top? I said that would happens if you give weemen the vote and things like rights but no one listened.      

A kurdish female soldier.

Now being a breeder and hoosemaker cums second to things like running cuntries and fighting ISIS, they even let weemen go up into space ... I don't know what they do about their  lady troubles while up there, best not to think about it.   Look what happened when they sent Sandra Bullock up into space during her period. 

Do weemen still like washing, ironing and vacuuming? .... Do they still find joy in lifting clothes off the floor and putting doon the toilet seat while standing in a puddle of piss? ... Do they still relish the challenge in trying to match up to their better half men's mothers? ... they never do, do they? 

No one bakes pies and gives head like yer mother but it's cute that they try.  

I suppose Old Knudsen will get called a sexist now that he's merely mentioned all this. Why can't people take a belittling joking comment for what it is and stop making a big deal out of it? In my day it was the man's place to point out faults in others and treat whom ever they liked like a cum bucket ... especially if yer an athlete, TV, movie or radio star or US President.

 Real men don't have feelings to hurt ... learn from our example. 

No wonder a slap on the butt or tweak of a boob has become taboo with the liberal commie agenda calling the shots. Call this progress? .... You can't even manspread on the tube, blow cigarette smoke into the face of babies or hit and tell noisy kids to fuck off without being denounced. You can't blame the Jews for Germany losing WWI or tell some dark skinned person to go home without getting labelled a anti-Semite or racist.     

People need to have a thicker skin ...except the fatties, they just need to be taxed or something.


k said...

And this is why you get all the pussy Old Knudsen you champion!

Old Knudsen said...

Do not make eye contact, let them sniff you and they won't bite you. I understands the woman alright.