Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Donald Trump In ISIS Training Video

It's all true, Donald Trump is one of ISIS's best recruiters. He himself makes the claims that he has recruited more fighters than anyone. Trump replaces Mario Lopez as the face of ISIS though they are still using the George Clooney voice overs; "ISIS, in the name of Allah ... Oh My Gad."

The video which stars Trump is called, "The making of the man" and has Trump shouting into the camera in front of a crowd of Daeshbag wanna be's.

"Obama and the west are horrible and weak, we need to get tough, get smart, we need to get Jihadified."

He goes on to blame Liberal infiltration and poor leadership on the failures of the US military and says that he only backs winners and ISIS are winners.

When he is made president he'll give them all American citizenship so he has the toughest army in the world. If we can't beat them, let them join us.

ISIS are almost Conservative American in their love of guns, god and women in their place. 

In other raghead news I'd like to saw a big "I told you so" to all of those worried that the Syrian migrants were going to be terrorists. Now yer all looking kinda stoopid with yer racist anti-refugee rallies.

Yeah it turns out they were just rapists. Who would have thought that a group of 1000 seemingly drunk men of Arab and North African descent would have little regard or respect for women? Now they are called the 'Rapefugees'.

The right wing have already decided the New Years Eve rapists of Cologne were some of the refugees Merkel let in.

I'll wait for the facts to come in. 500 criminal complaints from 13st Dec with 40% of those being sexual assaults. Shit needs to get taken care of quickly and without mercy. Send the cunts back if they can't behave, there are plenty of none rapey migrants. Now any dark skinned foreigner is under threat of attack thanks to this lot.  
The suspects are mostly from Morocco and Algeria, those ones have been the flooding Europe for decades and are more likely to be trouble makers. Nothing good has ever come out of Africa especially humanity.   

I think it's very handy and convenient that a pretty blonde white girl was on all the channels just days after the attack telling her story, maybe I'm a little too cynical and suspicious that she could speak perfect English too.

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