Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Did Trump Really Kill A Hobo?

The American Association for School Shootings is up in arms over the latest werds from Donald Trump. Trump stated that he could shoot people on New York’s Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters.

Daniel Whiteside, the founder of AASS said on his blog 'Mission Statement' on Tuesday that "talking about shooting random people makes spree shooters look crazy."

Daniel is a polite, quiet young man according to his neighbours and never has any friends over. AASS also found Trump's other words to be offensive too.

"I could break into Hillary's house and knock out Bill and tie her up because she is weak. I've been talking about beating her for weeks but I'll just rub my harden cock over her face then maybe cut off her nipples before shooting the two of them in the head Boston style .... I used to collect rents in Boston so I'm street tough and I'll make America street tough, I'd get more support in the polls for this and maybe the medal of freedom from myself when I'm president."   

Trump also ranted on about slicing up hookers that earn less than $36,000 per year but who doesn't do that huh?

Trump's voting base laughed and cheered while the British (who take killing people seriously) set up another petition, this time to bring back hanging just for Trump.

Trump has said how he isn't into guns but ever since running for president he has expressed his joy for air shooting. It's like air guitar but done when yer watching a war movie.

 Trump after having binged on DeNiro movies. 

Experts have suggested a link with being president and violence but think that this is just part of Trump's mental breakdown which started in 1972.
Obama had never killed anyone until he became president and now he routinely takes lives around the world with his drones, he broke GW Bush's record in his second year as president .... why do you hate brown people so much Obama? 

Studies suggest that Trump would probably start another US civil war and might even sell Alaska back to Russia after having flipped the state if he became preez. 

Trump was just recently endorsed by fellow draft dodger Ted Nugent and that Duck Dynasty beardy guy who has also never served either. His biggest endorsement came from Sarah Palin whose speech which ended with the words pew pew pew Murica! Has gotten the most attention.
Palin who uses her sexual appeal to make men do her bidding may very well have made a deal to be directly under Trump as the president of vice should he get into the White House.

Daniel Whiteside the founder of AASS says, "if he wants the spree shooter's vote then he's gonna have to start talking about getting rid of school security because as it stands the only ones supporting him now are fetish and serial killers." 

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