Thursday, 28 January 2016

Conspiracy Isn't In The Shadows Anymore

Have you heard about this Zika virus? I hadn't heard of it until a few weeks ago. It makes unborn babies look like Dobby the hoose elf, with an underdeveloped brain. Central American governments are suggesting that you shouldn't get pregnant until 2018.

The World Health Organization says it's spread by mosquitoes and there is no cure for it. It could reach pandemic scale and come back in 10 years then there might be a vaccine of some sort.

Och wee dote. 

If it does hit big it could mean a generation of morons, I don't know if I could take that. Every year there is someone ranting about chemtrails or sharing the videos on how snow doesn't burn. Old Knudsen doesn't believe in that science stuff but he does have the fucken Internet .... the dress is gold and white, the government just wants you to think it's black and blue to see if their chemtrail mind control is working. 

If you were going to shoot chemtrails over Northern Ireland would it not be rat poison to get rid of the vermin known as people? We aren't worth any other kind of effort and you couldn't dumb us down anymore than we are. 

Then you have yon rapper B.o.B arguing with Neil deGrasse Tyson that the Earth is flat because when he takes pictures of the horizon he can't see a curve.  I don't know about you but I go to rappers (especially high school drop outs) when I have a science question, Fitty Cent was the one that told me about the Climate Change conspiracy .... Where is the normal temperature of the Earth be at? .... ighhhtt! 

I swear, these are the people that answer Yahoo Questions. If I have to tell one more person about Ad-Block plus .... figure it the fuck out, you have the Interwebs!!!!!!

If it wasn't for the Urban dictionary I would never have discovered the pleasures of wolfbagging or what a Mexican pancake is.

Mosquitoes have been getting around over the last couple of decades. West Nile virus (a relative of Zika) was their last big thing. Zika virus has been around since 1947 but it takes a while to get around. 

Don't go forgetting about Ebola, that was a big thing not too long ago .... almost like a test run to see how freaked out people would get. Remember, if yer gonna test stuff out then do it in Africa. The first form of the Zika virus came from Uganda and don't forget Aids. 

Africa is a vast sprawling Continent with 3rd world nations and dodgy laws and corrupt officials. Questions do not get asked when you ship things in and out of many African ports. It's also still hard to get news from parts of Africa. There are reasons why the Chinese fucken love it there, it's almost as slack as home.

Bill Gates like that other 1% er Mark Zuckerberg donate billions to charity all the time ... well to their own causes at least. You don't get to be a billionaire by giving away yer money. Gates through his Bill and Milinda foundation seem to be very interested in mosquitoes. Remember when Bill released mosquitoes into an audience for fun? 
Gates who is a big investor in Monsanto in India had done polio vaccine tests there with a vaccine that the CDC had dropped in 2000 for actually causing polio. Gates claims to not have known about this but the Indian government has accused him of 47,500 paralysis deaths.  Testing on remote villages isn't cool Gates!

The CDC  (Centers for Disease Control) are dirty lying fuckers themselves. They made Aids a worldwide panic and lied about contaminated drinking water in Washington DC, much like what Flint Michigan is going through. Don't trust them. 

Back to Mosquitoes. Eritrea in the Horn of Africa reduced mosquito deaths by 80% over a couple of decades. They did this with clean drinking water, destroying mosquito breeding grounds and malaria nets to sleep under. 

No vaccines involved. Bill Gates keeps taking about vaccines though ... even after India. They always want to make something they can sell huh. He has also talked about mosquitoes that deliver the vaccine, you know who else talked about such things? .... The Nazis. 

Experiments at Dachau had the Nazis looking at weaponizing mosquitoes to send to the enemy. This is real science and hard to follow the trail back.   

How do you fool the people? mock and belittle the truth and anyone that tells it.

Is it a conspiracy when the Governor tells you that the drinking water is safe even though it's full of lead? Is it a conspiracy when the CDC also let you drink contaminated water and become a well funded and important department over Aids which is actually pretty difficult to catch? Is it a conspiracy when Monsanto try to muscle out all competition for growing non-Monsanto crops and the government lets them? Is it a conspiracy when the NSA get caught collecting data on the US people and intercepting communications from our allies? Is it a conspiracy when any whistleblowers are automatically found guilty? Is it a conspiracy that we always seem to be at war and even with troop numbers being cut the weapons industry still make big profits? Is it a conspiracy that we are still driving cars not too different than they were 100 years ago? Is it a conspiracy when terrorist groups like Khorasan pop up but no one except for the government has heard of them, but they are totally deadly? Is it a conspiracy that everyone seems to die of cancer? Is it a conspiracy that we invaded Iraq for no good reason? is it a conspiracy that no top level people in the British government ever got jailed for pedophilia and the guy in charge of the investigation was one of the suspects? Is it a conspiracy that the British government let terrorist attacks happen in Northern Ireland and lost evidence regularly?

7.3 billion people on this world, the 1% have to be worried. That is why you don't have a job for life, dumbed down education, crippling debt and can only afford iPhones and fast food .... bread and circuses.  A cull would be too drastic and you don't want to live on a radiation soaked rock. You still need a labour force but not one that has too much or is too well educated. 

You improve on your WMD's (buy our Brimstone missiles) and yer plagues on the poor, the free press being owned by just a few people, your details and location being known at all times thanks to social media. Scare yer own population with what might happen because a scared population are easier to control, they end up giving you their rights and freedoms. 

Remember when I pointed out that the weapons, food and medical industries all have the same investors in all three? Like Obama talking climate change and supporting fracking. Oil is too cheap so fracking is the future. 

As Napoleon said: "Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich."  .... substitute the fear of Hell for fear of bodily harm and terrorist attacks though many still believe the burn in Hell bullshit .... especially those poor uneducated nations, they are still way into it.  

 Ha ha ha, I really hate you ..... I can't stand you either lol.

It isn't conspiracy if it is actually happening and not all people that suggest a conspiracy go on about melting steel beams and burning snow.  Can you readily explain the actions of world leaders? You don't hear about how the US continually provokes Russia on its border but Russia is always the bad guy. 

There are no good guys and bad guys, just people out for themselves. You don't get rich or at the top of your ladder by being nice, you step on the people on the way up. 


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