Friday, 15 January 2016

Charlie Hedbo Isn't Even Good

If Aylan Kurdi hadn't have drown in the Mediterranean he would have grown up to become a rapist. I bet it says in the Koran that rape is fine..... you know what those Muslims are like.

Charlie Hedbo came up with this cartoon. They make fun of everyone and say it's free speech. They are the ones who published cartoons of Muhammad knowing full well that the crazy Islamic nut jobs would come after them and what did they achieve? Dead people and a momentary kinship on social media, je suis Charlie ... um no, I'm not.

You know what's not funny or even remotely satirical? Dead kids, that's what. There is free speech and then there is the responsibility to not abuse the privilege or to stir up hatred.   

Christians have long been rapists, often using their position of authority to do so. The Vatican seems to always have an enabler as its head. I've said it before, it's almost as if a certain type of person is drawn to organized religion, or maybe it brings out the rapist within them. It's a mind fuck system anyways. It's the ultimate chain letter. '10 prayers = 1 soul saved' I wasn't aware that my soul needed saved.

Some people get older and get religious 'just in case' but the older I get the more ridiculous a reward after death seems. People are always after some kind of pay out.  

Lets leave religion out of it, it's men that are the problem. 99.9% of times it's a man who it the rapist or pedo. That doesn't mean that all men are like that or that the 3 year-old little boy watching the Wiggles is going to grow up to be a rapist .... fuck you Charlie Hedbo.  

While we're accusing the migrants and refugees of being rapists I'd like you to remember that The Archbishop of Munich and Freising ordered his clergy to make records during the time of the Allied advance through Germany in 1945. Their records have the US military raping as many as 190,000 German women. 11,000 of those sexual assaults occurred in the first few months of occupying Germany according to the US court marital records. 

One was a 7 year-old child, another was a 69 year -old woman. One account had 8 girls being raped in front of their parents. After the fighting was done you had a large bored and often drunk army with nothing to do but it's not all bad news, compared to the Soviets the Americans were extremely disciplined.

Yes, even the werld's greatest generation's shit does stink. It's stupid to think they were all good people,you get good and bad people everywhere.

Speaking of violent drunks ..... The Irish!

The Charlie Hedbo cartoon has the grown up Aylan Kurdi and his friends as some kind of ape-like mindless creature. Remember those cartoons from the 1800's? The Irish were portrayed as being subhuman. When the English first occupied Ireland you would have gotten into more trouble killing a dog than killing a Paddy. 

 In the 69th Cannon fodder regiment.

The 'not as good as us' idea continues today with the Irish still seen as drunken brawlers but they can't help it, it's like rape, boys will be boys. Try being Irish (even from Northern Ireland) in the British army and you'll see the bigotry from the English first hand, even the ones in charge of you.

Old Knudsen may say Christians this or the English that but knows that there are a few good ones. 

While serving in Palestine in the late 1940's the Jewish press portrayed the Royal Ulster Rifles as thieves and criminals, there was a recent story of a lass getting turned down for a job because the Irish have a bad reputation.

Charlie Hedbo is not helping. There are genuine refugees that need help and they don't have a voice, especially when they are being shown as rapefugees.  

Fuck personal responsibility, if yer a Muslim yer already written off as a rapist by the age of three.


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