Thursday, 7 January 2016

Ammon Bundy: I Will Shoot Cops In The Face If They Try To Remove Us

Yeah so Ammon Bundy the leader of the Y'all Qaeda, Yokel Haram or the Talibundy who bravely took over an empty building at a wildlife sanctuary in Oregon that want to destroy the waterfowl nesting area with mining, grazing cattle and logging didn't actually say he would shoot them in the face .... but it has implied it. 

They have said they are willing to die and will kill so yeah, there maybe some shooting in the face. 

It's not a faceless entity you'll be killing, it's fellow Americans with wives, husbands and children. These two were ambushed and killed while having lunch by bundy rejects who were patriots according to themselves. They covered the bodies with a 'Don't tread on me' and a Nazi flag. This is your modern minuteman mentality, all conspiracies about melted steel beams and how Obama is a Muslim.   

Bundy's group of armed Yee Hawdists are ready to show their patriotism to the United States of America by killing officers who have sworn an oath to uphold the law of the United States. Bundy and his group known as Vanilla ISIS can be compared to the Loyalists of Northern Ireland who are loyal to the Queen .... they just won't follow her laws because it doesn't suit them. These type of people who are really just after a bigger share for themselves and their kind are no stranger to Old Knudsen, they think they can do as they please.

Dwight Hammond and his son Steven who the Bundy's want released from prison have said that the Bundy crew do not speak for them. They were charged with killing a herd of deer on public land and then setting fire to 130 acres to cover up the evidence. 
Originally they had been given a 2 year sentence but since the minimum for arson is 5 years so the original sentence was overruled and they had to go back and serve the rest of their time.     

The town of Burns also doesn't want the Bundy boys either. Title 10 section 311 of the Constitution says that all able bodied males aged 17 - 45 are in theory militia. Being in the militia doesn't mean you are supposed to own guns and hate the government, it means you are supposed to work together to make America a safe, shining example of equality and freedom. To fight enemies foreign and domestic. 

I'd like to check the date of births and get some medical checks on the MujahiJimmyDeans as some of them may be too old for this shit.

 Hey Bill, get some 'just for men' colour for your beard like I did so we can look under 45.
 Is my brother making faces behind my back again? 

From November 20, 1969, to June 11, 1971 up to 89 American Indians and assorted hippy types occupied Alcatraz island. The law from 1868 said that all retired, abandoned or out-of-use federal land was to be returned to the Native people from whom it was obtained. 

The prison on the island was closed in 1963 so they had a claim to it. They even offered the government the original price they were paid for it which amounted to $9.40. 

No guns or threats of shooting police officers, just a peaceful demonstration. The government cut the electricity and phone to the island so with little food and no fresh water the protesters started to leave bit by bit. 
After 19 months the remaining 15 people on the island were forcefully removed by the police. The island was then transferred to the National Park System to yet again fuck over the Injuns. 

Lets see how these domestic terrorists in Oregon do in a siege. The difference being that they do not have a claim to the land, they want criminals to be released from prison and they are armed and white ... so very white.  

 This is Meal team 6 requesting supply drop for snacks .... over.
Just before the taking of the empty building that was done with expert military precision and bolt cutters, one of the militia put out a call on social media for snacks. 

You know you might be a red neck when you bring a pack of beef jerky and a 6 pack of Coors to a siege. Snipers are in position and did I see Daryl with some cheesy puffs? 

We'll send you some kababs and some Qabli pulao, all very tasty and all halal, death to the American government my friend, shoot one in the face for me, over and out. 

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