Saturday, 31 December 2016

Who Will Die In 2017?

Time for the 2017 deadpool

What happens when 2016 ends but the celebs still keep dying? It's almost as if shit just happens no matter what the year ... mind blown!

Spock died early 2015 and Bowie in early 2016 shit does happen. We don't really know the people but because they have had an impact on our lives we think we know a part of them. Nimoy and Fisher hated the silly roles that made them famous but eventually came to see them as a kind of blessing. Like a singer having a one hit wonder, still more than what most people get. 

Rick Astley and Bob Geldoff made careers out of their hits songs. Vanilla Ice is still cool in my books too, he taught me how to be ghetto tough .... werd to yer Ma.  

Kirk Douglas: I've tried to tell the werld about him but they wouldn't listen. Someday this year he'll try to bite a young muscular runaway and they will break loose from their restraints (Michael can't tie decent knots) and fuck him up .... the media will report it as pneumonia. You can't dodge the deadpool forever!

Men usually go after their birthday and Douglas just had his 100th.

Remember I reported that Prince Philip died in 2011 during heart surgery? I still stand by that. The disappearances around Buckingham palace and cutting back the staff have been a big clue to it. Who gets millions to fix up yer palace (installing torture rooms) and rises in pay then sacks servants? .... only a cunt ... or someone married to a zombie. Philip is going to bite off more than he can chew this year too.

Queen Elizabeth will probably die of a broken heart ... or rat poison if Prince Charles the heir to the throne has anything to say about it. Maybe Harry or William will get revenge for Di.

John Hurt was given the all clear for his pancreatic cancer but not for big cocks ripping out of his chest. His last words will be, "I didn't see that cumming."

Old people will blather on about the Rocky horror picture show when Tim Curry carks it or worse still when one of the last remaining Monty Python folk goes we'll have those quotes. John Cleese died? I didn't expect that ... NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION! .... fuck that'll be such original fun. 

  "it says here I died" ... how meta!
Cher, Diana Ross maybe even Madonna. I expect a lot of shite old "classics" to appear on social media. George Bush sr, Stan Lee, Hugh Heffner and maybe Bruce Forsyth. Buzz Aldrin wasn't looking too great the other day.

      C'mon Bruce, stop fighting and tap dance into the light.

As we've seen with George Michael and Prince that you can be still in yer 50's and die, abuse substances and you'll be gone ... WHAM! yer done. 

Robert Downey jr is 51, he's had a history of drug abuse. He says he's learned from it but all this fame from Iron man is bound to pull him back once he has a 'I don't want to be type cast' moment and work on stuff no one wants to see.  

Wife beater Johnny Depp can fuck off and die I won't miss him. 

Chris Hemsworth ... maybe Chris Evans or Chris Pratt will die in an accidental bench pressing accident and ruin Marvel's plans for years of sequels. Liam Hemsworth will say he'll step up, workout and fill the void but who the fuck wants him?   Lets hope it's Hawkeye or War Machine that bites it, they are totally expendable. 

How much more can Jonah Hill's heart take? .... just remember I asked that question.

In 2016 there were more men than women who died but when the chicks do die they are chicks like Princess fucken Leia that obviously everyone now loves.
Keith Richards is only 73 but for years people have claimed he's immortal or like a cockroach. Has he done more partying than every other rock star or does he just look like he has? If his appearance was anything to go by then he probably already is dead, he just hasn't noticed. 

William Shatner is 85 for fucks sake, Kirk has had his day and has been inadequately replaced but Shatner shows no sign of slowing down so expect a DVT on some plane trip. 

 I feel crooked and ill

Now the wishful thinking part of my post. During his impeachment trial in which the whole cabinet is charged with fraud and war profiteering Donald Trump dies from Carotenemia. You can obviously see by his skin he indulges in the excessive consumption of carotene-rich foods
His diary is found in which he writes about the numerous sexual assaults and rapes he's done and yet the GOP and his voters still blame Hillary.

Mike Pence dies from infection and a loss of blood from tears in his rectum due to a faulty second hand Assmaster 3000 he bought off Craigslist ... turns out he likes it dirty, well that explains a lot. 

The presenters of Top Gear die is a fiery crash while driving a souped up ice cream van. 

Nigel Farage dies when the brakes on his British made but Indian owned Jag fail. Turns out it didn't have the CE mark on it which means it has to be made with certain standards and quality for European Conformity .... oh the irony.

The ball is in yer court 2017, bring it on.  

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Make America Inaugreat Again

On the 20th January 2017 something great will happen, something inaugreat! Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America, the greatness nation in the world.

Trump is a man of the people so he'll do away with all those rich pampered A-list stars and go straight for the D-list and below.

A whose who of mental illness D-list stars are expected to be there to give the event much needed star power and dignity.

Jon Voight
Scott Baio
Gene Simmons
Stacey Dash
Ted Nugent
Dean Cain
Kid Rock
Jesse James
Mike Tyson
Stephen Baldwin
Gary Busey
Dennis Rodman
Lou Ferrigno
Hulk Hogan
Tila Tequila
Wayne Newton

Unfortunately no musical performers in that list though. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been a last minute substitution after a plane carrying the Russian military army's official choir crashed into the Black sea. 

The Radio City Rockettes were concerned for their pussies and would rather destroy their careers than perform for the misogynistic asswipe. Even when you are as rich and good looking as Trump is there will still be some rejection from the opposite sex .... I bet they are all leezers. 

Performers like Elton John, Bruce Springsteen and Katie Perry will not be there .... duh!

Trump will not swear on the Bible because his own word should be good enough he says. Here is an excerpt of his swearing in monologue he plans to do. Like Saturday Night Live but funny and not pathetic he says.

"My dear American people, I humbly stand here as the 45th I say again THE 45th FREAKING PRESIDENT! of my great nation. I will be a kind and fair ruler with the best, richest and loyal people in charge. None of us know what we're doing but did Jesus know what he was doing at first?"

"I'm not saying I'll use nukes my first week, maybe I will but Europe is full of terrorists, cuntries like London and Paris have whole parts under Shania law, taco carts on every corner. It's not all about me wanting to blow stuff up, in the spirit of working together I will withdraw all troops from Germany, Turkey and the South Gyna seas for no reason except cos I'm a nice guy, everybody says it."

Old Knudsen for one is very hyped that ghey hating Mike Pence Donald Tremendous Trump is soon to be preez. I also give thanks that I'm not American, ethnic, female or Muslim ... If I was either of those things I'd have an operation STAT! 

The US navy is the only branch of the services protected by the Constitution, it has been rumored that Trump has been seeking advice to cut back on soldiers in order to drain the swamp .... in other words stop the over spending of the government.  Eastern Europe has a surplus of soldiers who will work for less, just an idea he's been toying with.   

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Good Riddance 2016

The pic updated a little to accommodate the new peeps and to get rid of Lemmy 

Lemmy died in 2015 so quit attributing his death to 2016. More stars than usual died this year mostly because those with careers spanning 30 - 40 or whatever years got older or got cancer like everyone is bound to get someday. 
If only big pharma would let us all smoke pot as stoners say that cures everything. Glue sniffers say it's a big bag of evo-stick that can cure everything . Old Knudsen says a good dump is the cure to all.  

For many celebs their best and creative years had past. Bowie was making average kind of songs but Alan Rickman was still doing movies and Anton Yelchin still had his best to come, he'd made some good movies besides Star Trek, he did Odd Thomas and Green Room, unlike Nicolas Cage (who is sadly still alive) he could pick good movies to be in. He was only 27 ffs.

People like Prince who die from an accidental prescription drug overdose .... you win the Darwin award for fucks sake. Janet Reno, Arnold Palmer, Shimon Peres went and people said 'shame' but when  Nancy Reagan died it was all about how she treated gheys and her friend Rock Hudson. At least a day of outrage for her. 

Alan Thicke who is more an American thing died of a heart attack while playing hockey aged 69 so yeah, Darwin awards all round. Yeah he's the father of the guy that promotes sexual assault while ripping off other songs, like Donald Trump without the songs ... ach the lines are blurred, just ask Julian Assange about that.    

Hail Hydra Gary! 

Florence Henderson the Brady Bunch mom and Garry Shandling had heart attacks though not together in some kind of celeb sex thing though that would be awesome.   

Gene Wilder had Alzheimer’s disease. Yes Young Frankenstein was amusing but a lot of his stuff was bleh. Maybe I'm on offensive territory by saying Blazing saddles was shite but hey 90% of Monty Python is shite too but it's not (old people cool) to admit that. 

Like people that think it's cool to like Snarknado and other terrible movies that should never have been made. Yeah yer standards are low, is that the new cool? 

 Harper Lee who wrote books on how to kill birds or something died in her sleep aged 89. If you die in yer sleep then how will you know yer dead? Won't you be going through the after life saying, "this isn't real it's a dream" ... what a horrible way to go. 

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died from natural causes aged 79 ... well we all know that Hillary had him killed which is shite cos she still lost the election though she'll always win my erection. 

Keith Emerson, the keyboardist who founded Emerson shot himself .... and the world went Emerson???? who dat? 

Kenny Baker who was R2 D2 died, overrated singer musician Leonard Cohen carked it too and all the pretentious people of the world suddenly became fans. Merle Haggard died and no one pretended to be a fan of him. 

Glenn Frey from the Eagles died of complications from rheumatoid arthritis and pneumonia aged 67. 

Zsa Zsa Gabor is slapping people up in Heaven now. 

The US has its famous people that no one that hasn't lived there has heard of as does the UK. Rick Parfitt from the dodgy and uncool rock band Status Quo died from complications with an existing shoulder injury. 

They performed at Band Aid and had many crappy hits in the UK. Not very health conscious but that's the rock 'n' roll lifestyle for you. I thought his band mate Francis Rossi would have died first, he's the one that had a part of his septum fall out due to cocaine. 

Ronnie Corbett was a little, funny Scottish bloke that was a part of the whole British comedy revolution just before Monty Python was created. He became part of a double act with Ronnie Barker and are ingrained into British culture. Like many double acts one always dies leaving the other to find new work. He had a hit TV sit com and was even in Extras with Ricky Gervais in a hilarious episode at an awards show. 

Ronnie Corbett, David Bowie and George Michael were all featured in Extras ... makes you think huh. The curse of 2016. Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen are crapping themselves.

Corbett who had been in the original Casino Royale movie died aged 85.  

Other British/Irish TV and radio legends were Terry Wogan,Victoria Wood and magician Paul Daniels.

Alan Rickman's last role was in the movie Eye in the Sky about the moral issue surrounding drones and whether or not the collateral (innocent people and children) damage is worth it. He'll also be remembered as a dick-less angel, a magical teacher and every Christmas he'll be watched falling off a building, Yippee ki-yay! 69 is still too young an age to go at. 

This was a completely made up figure and no one intended to fund the NHS

As well as the celebrity deaths we also had Brexit. 52% of the UK voted to leave the EU and even though they were fooled and lied to about why we should leave the EU they stood by their vote and told those who didn't like being lied to suck it up and stop whining. 

Saying it's democracy doesn't make it right or acceptable, that's just like using, 'it's in the Bible' as a reason. 
The UK has always had control over its borders, the EU is not to blame.

It was a time of people being angry, stupid and racist. Propaganda similar to what the Nazis used was on the side of buses. Britain was somehow going to be great again by persecuting minorities and leaving the world's largest economy. The rest of the world laughed at how stupid we were for this vote and guess what? We still haven't left the EU but now have an unelected Prime Minister who would never have won an election. She gets David Cameron's almost full term thanks to the timing of a referendum that no one asked for. 

Politician Jo Cox was murdered this year because she supported the Remain in the EU campaign. Hate crimes against immigrants increased, just coincidence I'm sure.

Luckily for the UK the US is bigger and better at being the laughing stock of the world. We had almost forgotten the 8 years of Bush that damaged the reputation of the US but now a draft dodging, unqualified, dodgy businessman who loves to sexually assault women and possibly rape underage girls got elected as President.  

Hate crimes against immigrants increased, just coincidence I'm sure.

As like Brexit he lied and got the idiot voters riled up and had help from Russian unknown hackers who hacked the DNC and published all the dirty secrets about pushing out the new messiah Bernie Sanders. He isn't going to jail Hillary, repeal Obamacare and his wall will be more of a partition with speed bumps and maybe keep out signs.  

Drain the swamp? He slags off American companies that have government contracts and a single irresponsible tweet has them losing billions. He fills his cabinet with rich people and bankers, who the fuck ever thought that a millionaire (he's not a billionaire, wise up) would ever give a voice to Joe the average working class slob? 

Anyone with a bit of self-respect that didn't like having a joke for President were told to suck it up and stop whining ... yeah I just copy and pasted that bit from the Brexit stuff above, the same mentality.

It was indeed a year full of stupidity. People wanted to wear badges that said they didn't vote for Bexit or for Trump for fear of being thought of as a douchebag.   

Florist Barronelle Stutzman who refused to sell flowers for a ghey wedding in 2013 as it went against her Christian beliefs went to the Supreme court, it has to still make a ruling. Ashers who refused to sell a cake in support of ghey marriage because of their Christian beliefs were told to wise up by the Supreme court. 

Indiana passed a bill under Governor Mike Pence to discriminate against gheys and Trans gender people, Pence has since become Vice President, shit does float to the top. Yes it's been a year of poor wee Christian persecution, the largest religion in the world is surely a victim of evil. 

Of course there was terrorist attacks, Nice, Orlando, Berlin as well as all the usual places. Just enough to keep people who have never experienced terrorism in a state of fear enough to hate refugees. 

2016 was the year of being a total gullible semi-Nazi pussy. The biggest casualty was people's sense of humor. They lapped up the fake news sites that feed into their fears and passed it on without checking to see if it was true or not. White supremacists got re-branded as Alt-Right and Diet-Right.     

        If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you
   If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you but make allowance for their doubting too

Celebs you didn't know died, shit happened that you weren't a part of took place and now folks look to 2017 with hands trembling.

The future is always uncertain, change is the only thing that is consistent. As with all the other years, another new year and another load of crap.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Fame After Death

In 1993 Brandon Lee was shot by accident during the making of the movie The Crow. They got rid of the professional arms guy to save money and the prop master used powerful blanks that struck Lee in the abdomen and hit his spine. Surgeons tried for 5 hours to save him.

Other picks for Lee's part were Johnny Depp, Christian Slater and River Phoenix. I doubt the movie would have been as big a hit as it was without Lee's death.

CGI was pretty new back then but they completed the movie with body doubles, bad lighting and Lee's face superimposed on a double. I remember thinking at the time how in the future computers could bring back long dead actors for movies again. We'd have crappy John Wayne films and aging actors could be young again on screen.

   Errol Flynn or is it Alec Baldwin? 

Stars that got old and had the boozy puffy look to them could have a second go at stardom without weird ass cosmetic surgery. Oliver Reed very rudely died of a heart attack in 1999 before Gladiator had been completed so they quickly stuck his CGI face in for a few seconds to bring closure to his character. 

Bad CGI can be covered up with night scenes (Underworld) but these days you can do it in daylight and it stands up to scrutiny.   

Robert Downey jr looked amazing in that scene in Civil war when a computer program showed him as a youth. 

But it lacked the warmth of the real thing and looked a little too comic book like. You can see character in Downey's real face but not in the CGI version no matter what quips he comes off with. Still an amazing job though.    

 Old Peggy Carter and a young Hank Pym. 

Michael Douglas looked great when they de-aged him for Ant Man. Douglas' face isn't as expressive as Downey's so maybe that is how it worked better. 

Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button, Jeff Bridges in the Tron re-boot and Bruce Willis in Surrogates, anyone can be young again ... on screen. Someday there will be an app for your selfies too that actually works. 

 You can't expect a Princess to have trigger discipline. 

After nerds complaining that Princess Leia got old and fat in The Force Awakens, Disney made her young for a Rogue One cameo. Fisher had changed so much over the years that they couldn't use motion capture on her so an actress named Ingvild Deila played her part with CGI enhancements. 

Rogue One brought Peter Cushing back from the dead for the role of Grand Moff Tarkin but they ended up making him look like a frail old skeleton ... oh wait, that's actually him, my bad. 

The real fake Cushing. 

Is it ethical? The actor no longer has a say in what they do. Maybe they'll sign after death movie deals now. Cushing's estate no doubt gave permission and if it pleases the fans and makes them some money then whatever. 

If you think Hollywood gives out unrealistic goals and body image issues to the public then just wait for the eternal youth thing to really kick in. 

I want to see a Marylin Munroe Hollywood gang bang tape ... my original version was destroyed in a fire and I've always wanted to see Lana Turner get Bukkaked. 

Hugh Jackman was too tall to play Wolverine but did it anyways, he could do that role forever now and not have to worry about aging. After seeing a young Clint Eastwood in Coogan's Bluff I thought that he'd be a good Wolverine or a Judge Dredd. 

James Marsters is now 54 and would have liked to have a Spike spin off from Buffy and Angel but is concerned about looking too old for an ageless vampire. I'd watch the fuck out of that if they made it. 

Actors can do some easy money voice over work, get their face mapped and be working on one movie in real life with a CGI and body double doing another half a world away. Of course some would abuse this technology, Michael Caine would really be in everything then and for forever. 



Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Message Of Hope

You don't always get the blog post you want but you sometimes get what you need. This right here is the blog post you need.

If you are on social media you'll see angry liberals call foul and angry conservatives telling them to suck it up. Either because of Brexit or Trump or when someone loses on Cage Fighting With The Stars or some shite show.

People will continually post their political whines and say "good riddance" to those that don't agree with them. Like an echo chamber or a hollow drum made from the skins of young runaways. Disgust at their fellow man/woman/chick with dick is at an all time high. Then you see news articles about people getting bombed in Syria I'm sick of that shit, stop reporting on it and report more about Kim Kardashian and her fat arse for fucks sake.
A truck killing people in Berlin? No one wants to hear about that just before Christmas though it might be a good idea to round up truck drivers just in case. A Russian ambassador shot in Turkey, well I'm not saying you shouldn't have hacked the US election but seriously dude, quit it.

     Hope Solo just watering her lawn. 

I'm here to give you hope.  Remember when yon Mexican village was getting raided by bandits? They could have given up but no, they went and hired seven blood thirsty Americans with guns. Since Americans are shite at winning wars they got the villagers to fight for themselves. You can give a man a fish supper and he'll eat for a day or you can take him down to Tesco and he can stock up with low quality food for the week ... that is in the fucken Bible. 

Don't mess with them cos they will destroy yer ass

The village people won and killed and skinned the bandits, putting the heads on spikes as a warning for others. The Americans were then deported which has lead to hatred and issues still going on today. 

When Old Knudsen served his king he was at the battle of Burke's Drift fighting off the fuzzies. If you know yer history you'd know it was 3 against 200. We put the mountains to our backs, said our prayers to our gods and refused to give up. Old Knudsen can still see the faces and hear the screams but with faith in Gog and expert military training he persevered. Ach sure there was only 3 of them but they were tough fuckers. 

  I don't know her name but I'd like to think it was Hope

Yeah yeah yeah other people are idiots, stupid, mean and it's them that has the problem. That's what both sides of every argument says. 
People are just so fucken gullible, you put someone in a suit and put them on the telly and suddenly whatever they say must be true. If it isn't then you just pretend it is, la la la la what Brexit lies? la la la not jailing Hillary, wasn't really an issue. 

     I want my cuntry fucked up by a man damn it! 

People invested time and energy into getting Hillary jailed for imagined crimes. 9000 memes were made about it for fucks sake. Of course it won't happen, there is no proof or evidence of wrong doing and Trump knew this.

Like I said, gullible. Sure the voting of old white people will fuck up future generations as well as themselves but don't panic. 
Don't be overwhelmed by the flood of bad news. People are starting to crack and cuss out others they don't even know on social media. People are sounding like victims of abuse or that they have PTSD. Even the fluffy bunny people can't pretend that everything is awesome.

Dogs with fleas, allergies, A book of Greek antiquities, Brand new pants, a very old vest, Awesome items are the best!

Trees, frogs, clogs, They're awesome, Rocks, clocks, and socks, They're awesome, Figs and jigs and twigs, That's awesome!

Everything you see, or think, or say is awesome!

These guys however are not awesome. 

Shit happens and while the Jews the blacks the dirty foreign types, the gheys and the women are feeling a little vulnerable and picked upon they need to not let things get to them. They've always been picked on, you'd think they would be used to it.

Yeah I'm a white male with white privilege so I can say that ... Old Knudsen has never made any enemies by being who he is, oh no ... fuck away aff. I live in a place where just having served in the army can get you petrol bombed or even looking Catholic for fucks sake. Tell the white Polish people here about white privilege and do it as they try to get the paint remover someone poured over their car off. 

No matter who you are the assholes will always find a way to hate you. They come from a position of fear so remember that. Fear of foreigners, fear of anyone different, they are the real wusses.   

Criminals and bullies pick on those they perceive as being weak. Whine about the injustice of election results but not in a teenager "it's not fair!" way. Do it in a confident intelligent way and with humour if you can because if someone can make you angry enough to behave like them you've lost. 

Someone swears at you and calls you stupid just laugh at them, you can't change their mind by arguing with them. If they are dumb enough to vote for right wing foreigner haters then you'll have the last laugh when their hateful attitude comes back on them and believe me it will. Even Hillary voters are playing into the stupid but it is a lesser more insidious stupid that doesn't tweet their every brain fart.

Those chairs!

People full of hate and full of begrudging-ness  because they haven't got their fair share, hold inside of them a hate tumor. This tumor has a way of destroying what they hold dear and can manifest itself physically as a medical condition too. You can't live a life full of bitterness, stress and tension and expect your body and mind not to be soured. 

Didn't Matthew McConaughey learn from his hallucinations that being a cunt will have him die alone? You must love to be happy ... until you find a young better model, am I right Donald, huh huh? When he went for a newer model he literally went for a model ... it's just an expression ya twat. 

Ghosts of girlfriends past ... how did they all die? 

That movie The ghosts of girlfriends past ... didn't make sense. One of the ghosts was a person living in the present so wtf? ... shit! warn Jennifer Garner she's just hooked up with the most prolific serial killer in the world. 

Ok forget the love crap, the lesson is to shag loads of gurls then kill them and hope they don't cum back to haunt you ... well I've already done that so what now? 

Love is a promise delivered broken so forget love and just like stuff,  not just Old Knudsen's social media comments but like other stuff. Don't show fear or bleed in front of the natives and PRETEND that nothing can get to you and eventually you WILL be bullet proof ... not literally though you should try that sometime just to see.     

70 year-old BlytheBonnie wants to live here when Trump destroys the cuntry. 

However liberals should not become preppers and cry about the fate of the planet. You don't have a bunkers above ground in plain sight and how can surviving a week really help you? Stick to being self righteous and leave the prepping to nuts that have actually put some thought into it.  
Fortune flavours the bald, the gods appreciate it when you wee plebs stand firm with a sword in yer hand and face to the wind prepared to slay the enemy or go down trying. They don't like pussy whiners. 

You can't be strong all the time but you can fake it until you make it. Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Hitler are all a part of nature cos change is nature. 

Sure it's not pleasant but like a volcano or tsunami you have every right to try to survive it. Will some troll's  opinion online really matter to you in the end? 

You can't save the world and change the mind of morons but you can be the best you and be strong and honest. See the truth and not what just suits you. Be a warrior! ... with courage you will find hope.  


Thursday, 15 December 2016

Trump Steps Down

President elect Donald Trump took to the stage then shocked the world's press by taking off his face to reveal that all along he had been wearing a mask.

Charles Peterson an performance artist from Florida has now admitted that "Donald Trump" doesn't really exist and is the greatest piece of performance art ever.

"I invented Trump 50 years ago and even went as far as hiring a pair of hobos to be my parents. I wanted to see how far I could go." 

Peterson is now in talks to have a movie made about his life.

"I made him totally ridiculous and got him to be a total dick, I didn't think anyone would actually take him seriously never mind electing him to the White House."

"I made friends with pedos and talked about sexually assaulting women, dating my daughter and they still kept voting for me and agreeing with me. What's wrong with you people?  I really did consider going out to 5th street and shooting someone just to see what would happen, I even had a gun in my pocket as I drove round town thinking about it."

Being Trump for so long has effected his life in terrible ways.

"I can only get erect by watching myself as Trump in the mirror and shouting about how great I am. Also I'm millions of dollars in debt, that's why I never pay anyone that works for me."  

Peterson wants the US to look at itself and possibly stop being so mean and racist.

"I was going to pardon Charles Manson and make him a special adviser but now I'm stopping cold, it's like a drug. I just want to do more and more crazy shit like destroy the economy by tweeting about American companies getting their contracts cancelled ... lol!"  

Even after this news no one still wants to elect Hillary so Mike Pence will become the new President. Pence is expected to spend the holidays scouting out locations for his interment camps of liberty.
There will also be a large cross erected on the White House lawn to show the world that the US is a Christian nation and the phrase 'love it or leave it' will be put into the Pledge of Submission Allegiance.  

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I Don't Have Time To Be PC

This picture makes my vagina cry

If you know Old Knudsen you know he either doesn't give a shit or gives lots of shit, yuge boxes of it, some firm shit and some watery. Sometimes he flings it rather than giving it.  

He's like a mean Captain America, he'd stand up for yer right to be treated fairly and equally and will fight the enemy to their death but doesn't have a problem killing you with a large rock to the head if you take the piss and don't act like yer worth the effort. 

US Ranger graduates and Dr Claire Miller who won the TV show Ultimate Hell Week. 

Women are not the weaker sex. There is no such thing. Some people are stronger, faster and smarter than others regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference .... that is a FACT! 

Old Knudsen could do a headshot at over a mile in high wind but could he make a sandwich? ... yeah ok, he probably could but that's not the point. If something requires math or concentration then get someone else.  

The Sacred Band of Thebes were 150 pairs of males who were lovers, these 300 were crack elite troops feared by the few enemies that still lived. It's natural to watch the movie 300 with a boner, I don't judge.   

I've sure they made plenty of jokes about backs to the walls and sticking things into their opponents. I doubt they said "I'm offended by the term poof" what they probably did say was :::smack:::: "pick up yer teeth loser and bend over real slow so I can watch".  

This post is about people taking offense because their critical thinking is set to 'react' rather than think. It also points again at how contagious fear can be.  

To a Trump supporter you can't say anything bad about Trump because they don't like it. To a Trump hater you can't say anything good, even if you are joking or being sarcastic because they don't like him ... and maybe they don't like the person that says it.

Making a sandwich comment to a feminist that lost their sense of humor in a car crash, not fun. 

Old Knudsen isn't in a popularity contest. Twice on FB I've said things to friends and have had their friends overreact. I don't care, I'm not friends with them and for obvious reasons. The people who are my friends sometimes come to dislike me and what I say so they drift off into unfriending me and I notice like a month or two later.

I bet they leave nasty anonymous Yelp comments online too. 

Trump was right about being PC though he goes the wrong way about it as usual. When Old Knudsen says things he doesn't say them to be mean ... unless he's being mean.

A GIF of someone falling is funny. Even when they look like they've split open their nut sack we'll go :::ooohhh:::: with a screwed up smile and move onto the next.

If you dissect the GIF by seeing it's a female or meaty wagon lard ass obese person and taking offense then I suggest antidepressants. I see a dumb person with the moves of a dead cat. The science of how the swing would react if grabbed like that is obvious. Things we learn as children.   

If you see someone falling for real you go, "are you ok?"  and pretend to care as you show fake sympathy towards them. People can die from falls so they shouldn't be funny right?

That's humour for you. Someone usually suffers in it but it's the intent that counts. Old Knudsen has often went on about drunken Irish potato eaters, sheep shagging Scots and inbred Brits with bad teeth ... his own people.

He often makes sport of himself because a joke is a joke right? There is too much seriousness and anger in the world. If someone takes offense at my ways then that's their problem. I cannot be responsible for how others see me nor should I be. You can't please everyone so don't bother trying.

The Leprechaun is an early Christian corruption of the old Pagan god Lugh. To convert the masses after killing all the druids they belittled the gods and turned them into jokes. Look to the Roman goddess 'Trivia' for another example of how to make deities 'trivial' or they can turn their names into curses hell and heck.

Does this offend Old Knudsen? Nope, what offends him is stupid people that don't know why they are angry or just take things at face value.

You're an idiot, asshole, jerk that is a special kind of stupid, eat shit!

Americans in general are taught they are number one. They are told they can achieve anything ... except for women being president of course. They have not god given rights from birth by solely being American. They are the leader of the free world .... well no one actually voted that, they just kept saying they were.

Up to the election I read about people saying how important it was for a female to be president as it would show the world how great the US is and give inspiration to downtrodden weemen.

Like John Glenn being the first American to orbit the Earth, no one mentions the Russian that did it years previously, the dog and all the other small animals and insects that did it too.

American doing something doesn't validate it. Like how since 9/11 'terrorist' has come to mean a Middle eastern person and probably a Muslim.   I've got terrorists living all around me and not one of them are brown or Muslim for fucks sake.

Is having the biggest military and prison population in the werld but having under achieving education, healthcare and welfare system really that great?

I love the ideals that America says are what matters but hate that it isn't put into practice and that it was written during a time of great injustice with slavery and white men's lives being all that mattered. Lip service hypocrisy from the Founding Fathers.  

I like boobs ... sue me.

Old Knudsen will be himself because it's his right to do so. I'll point out how Americans are now a world joke because it's true .... hey I didn't vote for an orange sexual predator. The UK voted for Brexit, we've got our own stupidity and hypocrisy to deal with but Americans tend to do things bigger, better and more interestingly.

If someone that doesn't like Old Knudsen and can't keep their own panic under control and calls him a load of names then whatever. Yer insults are being laughed at cos I see what is behind them.

The US constantly goads Russia, China and slaughters a load of Syrian soldiers when they are supposed to be working with them, not to mention all the civilians killed while going after "suspects" with drones and SEAL team 6 with their shoot to kill policy. Flint Michigan is finally getting filers distributed for their contaminated water though it's too late for many children ... 130,000 gallons of crude oil just leaked into a river in North Dakota 150 miles from Standing Rock. The traditional British fish and chips is being replaced by squid and other warmer water creatures because that's what they are catching now instead cod.

Just some of the shit going on and has been going on long before Trump got elected but now people are saying idiot things like 'THE FATE OF THE PLANET' ... geez Yanks sure have a big opinion of themselves.

Orange power!

Is Trump evil? ... no, he is dangerous though and not in a cute Tom Cruise as Maverick way. He's dangerous because he's unstable, he stirs up hatred and surrounds himself with greedy people with their own warped agendas.

GW Bush did the same and you are still here. Obama does the same and you are still here. Trump is more likely to suck up and sell us out to those seen as threats rather than go head to head with them. He'll pick on smaller nations and private companies because he's a bully. He doesn't play to lose. Even when bankrupt he won by not paying taxes for years.

Stop panicking and stop being a pussy. I don't mean vagina or cat I mean a wimp. I use that term directed at those who panic, if someone else reads in it that I'm being offensive to women then they need to pull the stick out of their hole and stop being Victor Mature.

Quit being a 'wab' ... that's an old Norn Iron term for cock, penis or dick ... no offense to any Richards except for the ones that are dicks ... yes the one that lamented about not having any friends before unfriending me. Maybe cos you are a dick Richard.
Anyone that thinks you shouldn't clear yer table at KFC or somewhere because it's the fast food worker's job to do it ... yeah, a dick.

I don't see 'stop being a wab' in that top picture. I'm offended by it's exclusion. 

Ach 'act the white man' for fucks sake ... What? yer implying that white males have exemplary conduct unlike people of color and females .... yes I am cos nothing says 'I'm better than you' like checked shirts, sweaters and mom jeans. Even Obama can't deny the pull of the lightside when he plays golf in his mom jeans.

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence" give it a go. 

The take away from this post is, no one moved en masse to Ireland after Brexit just like no one moved to Canada after the US elections. Sure a lot of passports were applied for but talk is cheap.
It's ok to whine and complain, just engage yer brain first and pretend you've got a pair or at least a thick skin cos you can't slag off Trump for Twitter rants when you take offense at every little joke.

Liberal, Conservative I don't care, yer tears all taste sweet to Old Knudsen. 

It isn't the end of the world any time soon and if it was well we've had a good run, maybe the cockroaches will rule the planet better.