Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Racism Of Star Wars

Obi Wha and his slave army of brown people but in white suits.

Some racists don't like the fact that a main character in the new Star Wars movie is black. The question I ask is 'Is that the film with Chris Pine as Kirk? ' .... then who gives a shit?

While Star Trek is way better than Star Wars for those with more than half a brain who aren't impressed by glowing space swords and idiot comedy side kick aliens and robots I shall permit this shite to be on my blog.
The clone army was made up of clones from Jango Fett to serve as unquestioning slaves for the evil Jedi's but then the Empire freed them and eventually the clones were replaced by birth born enlisted stormtroopers so yay Empire! Emperor Palpatine is like a space Abe Lincoln.  

 Spoiler alert ... it's his Da! Though looking at Leia I'd say that was the space milkman.      

Get yer hed around this load of subtle racism. A big black cock headed like figure that is bigger than all the white cock headed fellas. 

Once you go dark you never go back .... use some force.  

Vader can also dance unlike the Stormtroopers and he can shoot hoops ... Stormtroopers can't shoot anything. 

This big black fella has a white guy inside but speaks like a black dude, he's like the space Rachel Dolezal, "I identify with being black and will crush your throats if you say I'm not." The black guy who is really white is the bad guy too. Sure armed black fellas scare us white folks but what about a 7 foot tall black guy with a laser sword? ... here, take our white weemen just don't hurt us.

We didn't pull you over because you were gold, we don't see droids of colour just droids.  

So you have the black guy with a booming black voice and you have the little white guys with the nasally white guy voice. I bet Stormtroopers get all offended by the droid bigotry they see around the bars.
I'm not a racist kid .... I have a black friend. 

Why do I have a sudden craving for kale, apple juice and country music? 

Yet again they put a powerful young person of colour into their slave army but then he wins his freedom after serving for 12 years .... or something like that, I don't know. 
Now after 38 years they've made a token black person a main character and have an ass kicking female too. Sure they took the stigma out of incest a little which was good.  Star Wars is the Hilary Clinton of movie genres, it can change its old fashioned bigoted ways to suit the modern audience if there is money to be made. 
I suppose it is about time that Star Wars finally caught up with Star Trek, its kick ass token black person is a woman and has been since 1966. 


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