Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Last Supper: The True Hollywood Story

Remember the last supper? Jesus and his posse rented out a room and reserved the longest table at ye olde Olive garden.

Aye they all sat on chairs at tables back then .... not! 

It was a joyful time with lots of finger pointing from Thomas (it was his thing) an all male gathering like a stag do because at the time inviting weemen to eat with you was just so ghey. Sure John looked a bit feminine but that's another story for another day.

Here Jesus have some bread to soak up all that wine blood you've been drinking, yer talking complete and utter shite at the moment.  

Hey waiter, can we get another order of breadsticks and more marinara sass?

I'm so wasted right now that I wash all the feet ... I like feet, here, let me get in between those toes with my tongue. 

Don't worry, if yer receiving the foot wash that doesn't make you ghey.

It was about the time of the foot washing when the manager came in and asked them to leave. Jesus then say'th onto him, "the bread is my flesh, the wine is my blood and this breadstick is yer fucken tip, sit on it."  

Latter that night the Romans caught up with Jesus and nailed him to a cross for not paying his bill at Olive garden. Judas was ashamed for he had plenty of dosh in which to pay for the meal.

The Romans were a wonderful people with zero tolerance for crime.

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