Monday, 21 December 2015

The Cosmic Question

Will Grandma be up in Heaven with Grandpa and be all happy until we get up there and see them again? .... no ya little fucktard, there is no such thing. We're Liberals and you're starting to sound like Mike Huckabee for fucks sake .... grow up.

The more crimes and hate done in the name of religion the more Old Knudsen realises that humans are fucked in the head and have more of a problem with reality than Old Knudsen does. Should religion be treated as a mental health issue? maybe so.

Mental health assessment question: Do you believe an invisible being of great magical powers has chosen you because you are "special" and will grant you wishes and will beam you to eternal bliss after you die as long as you are obedient to its will? 

Yes day dreaming about a fantasy world after yer dead means you can piss away yer life because you get a do over at the end if yer good.
Yes, that is how the world works, you always get a second chance .... but you have to be dead first. DO IT, DO IT! ... GO MEET YER GOD, need some rope?

You'd think that people who believe in the after life would be in a hurry to meet their maker. In the US you see police officers (mostly Sheriffs so not real police) putting 'In God we trust' stickers onto their police cars (not really their cars) but if they actually did trust in God they wouldn't carry guns or wear bullet proof vests.

Religion is not good or bad, the people in those religions are either good or bad. You'll get people complaining about the war on Christianity and the war on Christmas but when someone actually suggests banning Muslims from the cuntry they cheer it on and forget how they in the world's largest religion are so persecuted because there are others that need to be persecuted and that is what humans are really good at.

You don't get to be the world's largest religion without a lot of blood on yer hands.

Jews, Midianites, Native Americans, Aborigines, Indians, Tungus,Yakut, Africans, Mbuti, Lese, Ituri,  Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Karen, Ainu, Irish, Scottish, South American tribes, Palestinians, Cathars, Catholics, witches, Pagans, Muslims .... so many others.    

Old Knudsen has stated before that he believes in the great cosmic soup. When you die your soul joins the universe until yer next life.
Aye that sounds like a pile of ol shite just like Heaven so maybe Old Knudsen is mentally ill ... no doubt about it baby but I embrace it.

I've seen things and still do to this day that are not what we'd call "normal" if Shakespeare says, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" then you might accept and understand it better because it's coming from yon over rated writer dude.

Well there are. What you see everyday is the surface of a very deep pond. Old Knudsen can't explain ghostly figures in plain daylight but they are there. Aren't they supposed to be in creepy dark old houses?

Old Knudsen has felt his soul and believes there to be the imprint of the various lives it has led including animals which validates his view on reincarnation. Of course it's all anecdotal and I don't expect or care if others do not believe it. 

"The unexamined life is not worth living" -  Socrates. 

My life and my~self have been thoroughly examined and I don't mean from the NHS. It's ok to overthink things if you are using other ideas and research to investigate your thinking. Why am I this way, why are you this way, why are people this way? Figuring out people and noticing things has been a hobby of mine for years.   

The thought I had. Why are there 7.3 billion people in the world? If it is all recycling lives then where the fuck did all the people come from? 

There are no more dinosaurs, Neanderthals, dodos, black rhinos, Javan tigers, Spix's Macaws, Alcon Blue butterflies, Atlas bears, Carolina parakeets, dusky seaside sparrows, great auks, heath hens, passenger pigeons, warrahs, woolly mammoths, Tasmanian tigers, Gastric brooding frogs, Saber-toothed cats, many bugs, fish, the trees and creatures we didn't even know about including those that are due to go extinct this year and of course nature and all the animals we humans like to hunt for food or trophies.

That's why I don't like trophy hunting, there isn't enough wildlife life to go killing it for fun.

All the souls are coming back as human because all the other options are gone. We fucked up nature's way by destroying nature and will pay though the lack of balance and no imaginary friend can help us. Would he not have done so by now?        

Kill off half the world's population and maybe we'll witness the cosmic sewer backing up. Is that why the world is in such a state? It wouldn't surprise me if that was the reason. 



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