Thursday, 3 December 2015

Shooting Sprees To Be Make Illegal

After the recent shooting in San Bernardino the US government is set to make shooting sprees illegal. From January 2016 it will now be an offense to shoot people in public places.

President Obama has said, "Some of the mass shootings we've this year have been San Bernardino, before that Colorado then Sacramento, then Columbus, then Fresno, then Murray, Round Mountain, then Anderson County, Los Angeles, then Jacksonville, Oakland Maine, then Pendleton South Carolina, then Colorado again, then Inglis Florida, then Roseburg Orgegon, then Chicago, then Platte South Dakota, then Baker Louisiana, Manson Washington, then Minneapolis, then Long Branch New Jersey, then Bristol Tennisee, Moneta Virginia, then Roswell New Mexico, then Rochester New York, then Houston, then Barre Vermont, then Lafayette, then Forsyth County Georgia, then Chattanooga, Holly Hill South Carolina, then Baton Rouge, then Baltimore, then Rock Hill South Carolina, then Greenacres Florida, then Breaux Bridge Los Angeles, then Roy Utah, then Charleston South Carolina, then Columbus Ohio, then Deerlodge Montana, then Wyandanch New York , then Cleveland, then Waco Texas, then Anchorage, then Tucson, then Menasha Wisconsin, then Phoenix, then Indianapolis, then Stockton California, then Houston County Alabama, then Las Vegas, then Columbia Missouri, then Tarboro North Carolina, then Tyrone Missouri, then Houston, then Killeen, then Habersham County Georgia, then New Port Richey Florida, then Douglasville Georgia, then Warrensville Heights Ohio, then King North Carolina, then Troup County Georgia, then Queens New York, then Omaha Nebraska, then Moscow Idaho, then San Francisco, then Dallas Texas .... if we aren't careful they could soon get out of control."    

The NRA and 2nd amendment groups are um up in arms over this latest development and there are expected to be many protests in Texas.

An NRA spokesperson said: "It is our constitutional right to own loads of firearms and to shoot whoever we please, just like our Founding fathers did before us."

Donald Trump said: "Obama is horrible, shooting people is good." 

Ben Carson said: "If the Jews had shot all the Nazis there wouldn't have been a Holocaust."

Hilary Clinton is still waiting to see what the public opinion is before she issues a statement.

Fox news Pundit Sean Beck said: "If you remember your history you'd see that Saladin who was an Islamic socialist was also against freedom, he too made public shooting a crime, then he killed all the white Christian babies and sold the white Christian adults into slavery."

A travel advisement warning has been issued to advise against traveling in the US, it is now thought to be safer for Americans to travel in the Middle East.         

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