Friday, 18 December 2015

Put The Homeless Into Death Camps So They'll Be Warm This Winter

I've mentioned before about how people pretend to be nice for 2 weeks at the end of each year. They wish others a merry Christmas and maybe even crack half a smile. Being a cunt all year then being decent just before the holiday season, I don't get it but then again Old Knudsen values being consistent, not predictable but not a flip flopping unreliable unwashed hippy type either. 

During Thanksgiving and even Christmas you have some folk racing to the homeless shelters to donate their time to serving food to poor folk ... aye the folk who don't eat all the rest of the year according to this logic.

Well the caring has been fast tracked thanks to the Syrian refugees. Sure we've been getting refugees since 2001 but for some reason the media and the public have only really started to notice them and now 'Syrian' refugees are the gold standard of refugees. Imagine waiting for refugees expecting Syrians and getting a load of Iraqis .... you'd be gutted right?  .... African? we aren't even bombing that I know it's not a cuntry cuntry, get the fuck away and wait for Bono to save ya.

Syrian refugee numbers are published constantly in the press, Northern Ireland just got its first 51 refugees. Since the Troubles ended the glazing companies have lost a ton of business but as soon as the refugees get houses I'm sure business will boom again.

Is an anti-refugee rally Christian? ... Who Would Jesus Hate?  

It turns out that the bigoted cunts of the Protestant Coalition think that others are more deserving. Like many others who have not had an altruistic thought for years the refugee crisis has suddenly caused them to be Scrooge at the END of the movie.

Why aren't the homeless getting the help instead of the refugees? .... The Americans up that a little by asking about the homeless veterans.

It's nice that people are finally concerned about the vulnerable people of society and not just using them to score morality points.

Old Knudsen has been poor, not quite cardboard box poor but close so he has had his own struggles and knows about being poor. The US does have a Welfare program and you can get help if you are homeless, not as good as the UK's social safety net but there is help to be had.

I'm reminded of the 90's when most of Belfast's homeless were white. A guy who I've seen and took to be homeless engaged me in conversation once. It turned out that he was a "day drinker" who sits in the park with his hobo friends and drink all day. He had a flat and was looking forward to a bonus he was getting from the government for Christmas .... Don't judge a hobo by his/her cover.  

Many of our homeless can get help. A friend of mine who works for San Bernardino county (you may have heard of it recently) told me about the 400 homeless vets they managed to help get homes. That news has not been widely reported, such is the way with real charity. In the UK our homeless can get help too, it doesn't have to be either them or the refugees, it can be both.

Homeless people are often that way for a reason, due to poor mental health, and or substance abuse. If you don't give up the drink then you won't get the help, many chose the drink.   

Quit trying to score points against the refugees, you have never cared about the homeless before so don't go starting now. The homeless need help as do the refugees, if you have to chose then blame the government for they are the ones that probably went to causing both problems, quit being the uncaring government's butt monkey helper.

We let the government off with sooo much but the other issues don't cause outrage because they are not  tangible issues that you can see and disapprove about. It outrages me that charities have to get set up to help with mental health issues or to raise money to buy hospital equipment ... because the government won't. Or they so generously say they'll put up half of the money for a much needed modern MRI machine for a state run hospital.

Then there are the SOS buses that help you if you drink yerself to the point of not being able to stand. They say they help alleviate the A&E (ER) from getting drunken assholes with minor injuries that waste resources. Imagine a cuntry that thinks it needs these buses. Make public intoxication a crime as it is in the US, they don't have any blootered buses.
Quit being pussies and hold yer drink you pitiful alcoholic. Old Knudsen always got home no matter how much he had.
This means that the government doesn't have to put so much money into hospital emergency wards .... fuck you very much you charities with well paid executives.    

A lack of healthcare, a lack of good schools and education, a lack of jobs .... with these issues it's difficult to find the exact thing or face to blame and free college education doesn't really excite the 60 year-old who never went and only hears about students playing beer pong.

Refugees are visible and on the news, we can blame them for needing help because we are likely to see them in real life at some point. It beats blaming the governments that bombed the fuck out of their towns. 

You know when David Cameron called anyone that voted against bombing Syria a terrorist sympathizer ? Well if you protest against refugees yer a terrorist collaborator because the Daeshbags want you to be anti-Muslim and being against refugees is you being anti-Muslim .... bigoted, racist and sectarian. You can justify yer bigotry by thinking that refugees are all terrorists but that is just a piss poor excuse that comes from the fear that goes hand in hand with bigotry.

People complain that if they say anything anti-refugee or anti-Muslim they'll be labeled a racist .... um, that's because yer being a fucken racist you cunt. "I'm not a racist but I think we should build a wall to keep out the brown Mexicans and ban all Muslims (who just happen to be brown) from entering the country, Hilary is weak, we have to be smart and tough, Obama is horrible." 

White Christains who go on shooting sprees? .... a government false flag to take away all our guns .... wha? 

Welcome in the refugees but don't forget about own own needy too. Since yer too old, fat and cowardly to go fight the ISholes then stick it to them by being the better person instead of walking into their trap of all out war against non-believers and Muslims. Don't let the terrorists win by making you afraid of yer own shadow, nut the fuck up.    

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