Wednesday, 9 December 2015

It's A Small World After All For Trump

At one of his golf courses in Dubai.

While Donald Trump is telling his voters that because he's rich and is funding his own campaign that he is allowed to speak his mind, unlike all the rest who don't want to upset their sponsors. He forgets to mention that $3.7 million of his $5.8 million campaign came from donors. It's no secret but he lies about it.

He also complains that China is too big of an investor in the US and has been taking away American jobs even though some of the clothes in his signature collection that's sold at Macy's is made in China. Mexico too is stealing American jobs as his clothes are also made there.

And his job on The Apprentice was stolen by an immigrant.

Every time Trump lies he goes up in the polls .... what the fuck people? There were no thousands upon thousands of Muslims cheering 9/11 in New Jersey. I, like many others were sentient back then and glued to every news report, it just didn't happen. If you say it did then yer a liar too.

Of course there were some cunts but thousands .... and in America? .... didn't happen. Trump also says there are parts of London that the police are afraid to go because they are under Muslim control. These are the same police that took down a knife guy with tasers, did they look afraid?

Here is what Trump does, he repeats lies and myths loudly and often and then soon you have people saying, "yeah I saw those Muslims cheering on 9/11 too" mixing up Palestine with New Jersey and adding in some wishful bigoted thinking because for some reason they believe Trump. He's just yer everyman billionaire type full of hate and half formed ideas not based in reality, they obviously relate to his thinking even though they would not be welcome at his golf courses unless they had the money. Only fit to buy his t-shirts and only his friends when he wants votes.  

Is Trump repeating that made up job title guy Fox news terror expert Steven Emerson who said parts of London were under Sharia law and that the whole city of Birmingham was a no go area? I believe that David Cameron said, "This guy’s clearly a complete idiot."

Trump has called for any Muslim who wants to enter the US to be banned from doing so. You know what it doesn't say on passports and what they don't ask you when you enter the US? .... what is yer religion, that's what.
Isn't it conceivable that if a bad Muslim tried to get into the US he could fool Trump's security measures by answering 'no' if asked if he's a Muslim or not even tick the box if they put it on a form. One of the big things that bigots say is that Muslim extremists are told to lie to non-believers .... does that make Trump a Muslim extremist then?

 "Extremists like ISIS will thank Mr. Trump."

Arab billionaire Khalaf Al Habtoor has said that he is sorry he ever endorsed Trump "He is creating a hatred between Muslims and the United States of America." He'll still do business with him of course, he's outraged, not stupid.

The Pentagon has said there are over 5,000 Muslims serving in the US military, when you throw a generalized insult at all non-US Muslims you are also insulting the US ones and any right minded person that isn't into mindless mob justice.  

Trump wants to ban them from the US until we sort things out ... what things? Until we set up a database? Until we build some detention camps? Many of those evil Muslims would have been the parents of many of those in the military, think about that.

Christians kill more people per day that Muslims do. Lets ban everyone that believes their imaginary friend wants them to do things for them, it's obviously a mental health issue. 

There is a UK petition that is close to 100,000 signatures to ban Trump from the UK for his hate speech. Trump has a golf course in Scotland and after insulting Muslims the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller for him. Where can he go for business meetings if his partners can't go to the US and he isn't welcome in other cuntries around the world? 

The White House has said his words rule him out as a presidential candidate. I hope that isn't so because if he doesn't run and doesn't get beat by Hilary we'll never hear the end of it and how Obama used his dirty tricks to deny him the White House.


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