Friday, 25 December 2015

It's All About Lil Baby Jesus

For the first time since 1977 there will be a full moon on Christmas day .... well Christmas day night cos we all know the moon isn't there during the day, we aren't stoopid you know.

Ah shit! lil baby Jesus is a werewolf, quick kill it with the gold, frankincense and myrrh .... shit why aren't they working? Some wise men, couldn't you have brought some silver?

This means that on Christmas eve there will be plenty of light to shoot that fat fucker down with my rocket launcher see Santa as he flies through the sky with no regard to international air zone restrictions. Luckily Turkey have been bad fuckers all year with the whole standing about while ISIS take over Kobane and the bombing the Kurds thing so no flying over there, unless yer after some cheap oil cos they have loads.

I do hope the Africans will get snow this year.

Then they all handled me pump action.

If you are celebrating Christmas with the family then have a good un, if yer an Atheist, Buddhist, Jew, Muslim, Wizard or just lonely and unloved then fuck ye, ya scabby twat waffle, look through my old posts and try to find one that makes sense, that should take yer mind off being a cunt for a few hours. 

Old Knudsen fully intends on stuffing a fat bird and covering everything in gravy .... then later he may also have some Christmas dinner depending on whose home he stumbles into, so lock yer doors. I have already cased out a young family in need of a drunken old racist uncle to tell them about the good ol days. 

I meant 'phat' bird. 

Remember those less fortunate than you when you get stuck into yer turkey with all the trimmings, I only say that because knowing that they haven't got a nice turkey dinner makes you enjoy yers even more and obviously demonstrates that Gog loves you more. Being chosen rocks!

Have a nice one and don't look at the news today it probably has some really nasty shit going on as the ISholes and people like Donald Trump just want to spoil yer life .... don't feed those trolls, drunken stupor for the win.


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