Friday, 18 December 2015

Is Die Hard Really A Christmas Movie?

Plot synopses: Defective Tom McClaim flies to LA from New York because a really hot chick in LA said she'd do him if he did. Little did he know that she had been infected with the zombie virus which she passed on to him.
He dies with a raging boner... He dies hard!  Now zombie McClaim has to fight his way out of her apartment block which has been taken over by her healthy neighbours who just happen to be Euro trash mercenaries.

His cock is kicked, punched and flicked but it still won't go down, he doesn't want to eat brains, he wants to fuck out yer brains.

Watch Hank Hammer play Tom McClaim as he fucks his way through some angry German mercenaries and half of LA to get back to his faithful wife in New York.  Watch the trills and spills ... mostly spills though, as in the spilling of his seed.

A Christmas movie? It sure is, his jingle balls will make you crave some stuffing. Don't watch it in 3D, you'll put yer eye out. 
Die Hard 2 is also a Christmas movie. Tom McClaim is having his engorged penis x-rayed when terrorists take over Washington Dulles International Airport on Christmas eve, watch him fuck them up. Yippie-kai- uuugghhhh!!!



Cathy said...

Oh man I love it hope it "comes out" here in NJ soon!

Old Knudsen said...

Just remember to never bend over during the zombie apocalypse.