Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I'm Walking Here

In the UK dodging cars to cross the road is an art form, when cars stop to let you cross they often mess up yer timing then you have to do the awkward thank you wave and quick shuffle across when you had planned on doing a really cool looking bullfighter like move ending in a triumphant OLE!

Crossing the road if not at a cross walk is only illegal in the UK if yer actions cause an accident. In the US they have Jaywalking laws in which you have to cross at a crosswalk or junction, why is that, is it for yer safety?

  Keeping you safe ... sorry dude we thought you were black ... let him up guys he's innocent. 

Before the motorcar was created the streets were a free for all. Walkers, trams, horses, all in the street. Because people were in black and white and walked really fast back then the first cars tended to plow into pedestrians like an old person at a Farmer's market ... "I thought I hit the brake."

There was much outcry at the deaths and people demanded that these elitist fuckers get their cars off the streets.

The car industry were bastards, even back then (Henry Ford was a Nazi lover) and so set out to demonize pedestrians by calling them Jaywalkers. 
Jay was a derogatory name meaning hick or idiot so they branded people who got knocked down as Jaywalkers and made car accidents their fault. There was a term Jaydrivers meaning reckless drivers but that didn't take off. 

So after a hundred years of manipulation it became a law. Oh c'mon peelers, if this is the worse crime you can stop me for? Old Knudsen has jaywalked within sight of US police but they couldn't be arsed to shoot him, white privilege huh. They must have figured I was on me way to the Mini Mart for my daily box of beer and Old Knudsen is cranky without his beer.   

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