Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Healthy Enough To Run The Country But Not To Serve In The Military

Mr Bornstein the physician to Donald J Trump issued a statement on the health of his client. Nobody had been concerned for Trump's health but he thought that the people should know about it anyways.

His blood pressure and laboratory tests are "astonishingly excellent" and he has lost 15 pounds (7kg) in the past year. Mr Trump has had no forms of cancer, or joint surgery, and does not smoke or drink alcohol.

His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary. He can bench press more than all the other candidates combined and his wife says that he can "go for hours" in the bedroom and totally destroys both her vagina and her back doors. His ejaculate tastes like heavenly ambrosia and can heighten the strength and senses of anyone that ingests it. 

His body is 110% efficient with the very minimum of waste and because his diet is rich in lean protein the waste can be sold to health food shops as a vitamin supplement.      

He has buns of steel and his abs are rock hard, in fact I challenge anyone to punch him in the abs when they meet him, don't worry you can't hurt him. 

While Ms Clinton is an unhealthy 67 weak female who is close to death's door Mt Trump is a virile 69 56 year -old manly man in the prime of his life with an estimated 97 years ahead of him. 

When elected Mr Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest, best and loved by everyone person to ever become president. If there was a poll on health he would be at the top of it.     

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