Friday, 4 December 2015

Donald Trump Was Right About The 9/11 Celebrations

Trump shouting at people in New Jersey.

This picture is the ultimate proof that Trump wasn't lying about the Muslims celebrating 9/11. Here on this busy New Jersey street you can see the man himself berating the cheeky Arabs.

There is no video because as Trump pointed out that it was 2001 and technology wasn't the same back then. There wasn't any Internet and people didn't all have cell phones, we were only on Playstation 2 for fucks sake and that ran on diesel.

We didn't have movies full of cool CGI effects back then it was all done by puppets and lighting .... Well there was the Matrix back in 1999 but SHUT UP!

Yeah ok, Trump is a liar. He wants to stir up anti-Muslim hatred because that is the kind of voter he is going for. He isn't a problem solver he a loud mouth that picks on others but doesn't have any answers. A wall across the US border? What about tunnels, boats, ropes and oh ladders? Since Mexico is going to be paying for this will they also pay for the private land the wall goes over? I suppose that will seized under eminent domain if they refuse to sell for the lowest dollar price.   

I saw asswipes in Palestine celebrating the news of 9/11 and I remember the hate crimes in the US on anyone with dark skin because Americans can't tell their Sikhs from their Muslims. There was no celebrations on US soil on the news. 

Ever wonder why Trump calls for beautiful children to be brought to his helicopter at rallies?  

They fly over a large vat he has built onto the back of a truck and he pushes the children into it. The vat processes the children into meat steaks which are then put onto sticks and eaten, Trump loves children, he'd date his own if he could.

I remember seeing this on a news report a few years back.  

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