Saturday, 12 December 2015

Donald Trump Finds His Soulmate

Haven't you just had enough of hearing about Donald Trump?  .... well too bad.  

Donald Trump .... America's favourite fascist has found love in all the wrong places. After facing a backlash from his 'we need to ban Muslims from entering the US' idea and how parts of London is run by radical Muslims, Katie Hopkins a similar type of bigot has jumped to his defense on Twitter.

Donald Trump then displayed his ignorance of Britain yet again by referring to her as a "respected columnist" ... um she used to be a columnist for The Sun and now writes for the Daily Mail, two if the most low brow, bigoted biased newspapers there are and the majority of Brits hate her.       

Imagine if these two mated, surely that offspring would be the Anti-Christ the Bible has spoken of. I'm sure the sex itself would be quite opinionated.

Trump: I come better and bigger than anyone and top all the polls with my anal techniques that everyone loves..... Obama is horrible. ::::grunt grunt :::: 

Hopkins: Yes you are wonderful and are probably only the best because it's with me cos I'm all that and not some fat slag disabled immigrant on benefits. ::: moans :::

Trump: Immigrants are bad but rich Muslims are good if they invest with Donald J Trump, how will you be paying for my time by the way, cash or charge? ... :::grunt grunt::::

Trump's remarks have been so bad that even Dick Cheney has condemned him..... Cheney who harvests baby body parts in order to stay alive and helped get the US into two wars they couldn't win just so he could give government contracts to Haliburton so he could over charge millions on supplying towels and tootbrushes to the military .... that Cheney.   

Yes the same one who deleted thousands of e-mails before leaving the White House and hid all the White House TV remotes and tea bagged all the telephones and put a Koran in every room before he left.

Charles Manson also commented from his prison cell, "that Trump guy has crossed the line, shame on him." 

OJ Simpson said, "bigotry such as this is just unAmerican, he has tarnished our reputation a broad."

Mel Gibson added, "he's a nasty mean spirited and vile individual, he  just lost my vote."

Maybe the world shifted on its axis or maybe we all died and don't realise it.... damn you Large Hadron Collider!!!!!!

Trump announced plans to travel to Israel .... no idea why except to show support for sticking it to the Arabs. The Jews love sticking it to the Arabs, like how thugs beat up gheys because secretly they know they are ghey but can't handle it so it manifests as violence and rage.

He was all packed and at the airport when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned Trump's remarks because "The State of Israel respects all religions and strictly guarantees the rights of all its citizens."  

Netanyahu could give Hitler a run for his money on being a facist so what's up? Well we all know that Trump isn't going to win the White House and Israel are opening a diplomatic office in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Yeah baby, taking down Syria and Iran has just got more open and very serious.

"There's battle lines being drawn Nobody's right if everybody's wrong."

Trump hurriedly cancelled his trip to Israel saying he'll go later when he's president. Yeah, about that.

While a home decor chain based in Dubai has said how they are dropping all Trump made products from their stores he is still quite big in Dubai. DAMAC Properties which deal in real estate and gold courses with Trump are standing by him like a couple who have too much money tied up that they can't afford to get divorced.

Construction workers who work in the UAE for Trump are often from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal, they get paid less than $200 a month for tough 13 hour days labouring in the sun and in a police state, nobody strikes. Imagine that, immigrant labour and a brutal regime.

Trump looks to the UAE as a shining example of what should be .... even though they are Muslim but rich ones are cool with him and the plebs are kept in their place. 

He said in June 2014. 

“The world has so many problems and so many failures, and you come here and it’s so beautiful, why can't we have that in New York?”

Immigrant indentured labour rocks! So much for a tough stance on immigration. 


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