Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Being A Victim Rocks!

God tells me that fags shouldn't be allowed to get married ... I've done nothing wrong. 

Remember when people were stoic and noble? No one could take a bombing like the British, we had bombs dropped on us 24 hours a day by the Nazis and we never complained or fled to other cuntries. Nowadays people go out of their way to be the victim or at least to appear to be one. Stiff upper lip, suck it up, it could always be worse.

Northern Ireland is startling similar to the US in some ways, if Norn Iron was run by Fox news but without the guns .... cos guns are bad! No, not really, guns are only as bad as the person holding it, let that concept sink in why don't you. 
Our police (PSNI) were shot at by someone with an assault rifle. They were as they put it 'sitting ducks' while in their car and the 8 bullets didn't hit any of them. Well you can't go to the range and practice with an illegal rifle duh, even bullets are hard to get here. Call of duty doesn't prepare you for the noise and the kick of the rifle though.

The PSNI like to be seen as victims, during a riot they stand and take a beating, then they tell everyone about how many officers were hurt by the bad men and expect to be applauded for their self restraint. Grow a pair.   

Loyalists also play the victim if their bands and parades are not allowed to march past Catholic houses. How can they possibly bully and intimidate the taigs as their so-called Christian culture demands? Then the poor bakers that couldn't make a happy queer day cake because of their beliefs but had no trouble making Halloween cakes.
Ballymena which has had some job loses recently lost out on a bidding to make a fleet of buses, the contract went to a Belgium firm. People are now demanding the contract goes to Wrightbus of Ballymena to keep jobs local. Ballymena sucks, it's full of angry, racist, coke fueled, sheep shagging farmers who take the Bible literally, maybe you should have been um, what's the word? oh yeah, better. 

Farmers complaining that Supermarkets don't pay enough for their produce. They can barely keep their 2 cars running as they live mortgage free on all that land that they own. Maybe they should apply for KFC if farming isn't their thing. For years they had the monopoly of being the only supplier, now with an open Europe they have competition. 
The Belfast Telegraph often presents farmers and bigoted politicians as victims, only highlighting what they want you to see while ignoring all the rest that got them to that point in their lives. Of course the politicians like Jim Wells and Ruth Patterson are bigots, they just regret being found out and branded as bigots.

Christians are the largest religion in the world ... the WHOLE WORLD, yet they are the ones being persecuted, the war on Christianity. They see it as their right to bully and condemn whoever they wish because they are obviously better than everyone else. 

Religion, as with guns depends on whether the person using it is good or bad. A bad person isn't going to find peace, love and forgiveness in religion, they are going to find faults in others and ways to use their religion to defend their views. 

The Anti-choice or Pro-life people say the baby is the victim during an abortion ... well it is. The problem is that they are only seeing half of it, they refuse to see the mother as a victim too. It isn't an easy choice to make and isn't helped by people condemning you and making life more difficult. The Pro-life people are usually against Welfare, they also do not adopt children. They care only about unborn children, after they are born the mother should be damned if she is on Welfare and the child should starve. 

Lets do the Ben Carson thing and compare children to dogs. Some people should not be allowed to own dogs. A woman in Florida (of course) taped a dog's mouth shut to punish it for making noise. Some people maybe not be ready for a pet dog or even dog orientated, some may not be able to afford one or have plans in which a dog would only get in the way such as a career or college. 

Pro-lifers want you to get a dog, get attached then send it to the pound if you can't take care of it. 

Returning to children who are only like dogs until they grow up. Living a life full of resentment and rejection isn't living, if you didn't have abortion then more lives would be destroyed than just the fetus. 

Women that have abortions aren't defined by them and they don't crave the need to be cast as a victim. Maybe Christians intent of condemning gheys and women that have abortions should look to their own lives and stop thinking about other people and their sex lives so much.

Joe Bloggs, a disabled army veteran (diabetes and never saw combat) signed a homeowner's agreement but was furious when they told him to take his flag down. Is this what all those men and women died for? 

What a fucking idiot, you bring shame on veterans for being stupid and not being able to follows orders after agreeing to do so. Move the fuck out and stop causing your own problems, you aren't a victim, you are a dip shit. Next you'll be complaining how they won't let you have a couch on yer porch.

Presidential nopeful Ben Carson thought he should leave the US at least once in his life to find out about shit so he went to a refugee camp in Jordan. Trump is way ahead of having foreign policy knowledge as he always visits the golf course he made in Scotland.   

Carson said that everyone looked happy and he didn't feel as if they wanted to go to the US. There were schools, hospitals and on the whole the refugees were living like kings, a little investment would be good but this seems like the perfect solution ..... the final solution. 

Before he went over he compared some refugees to rabid dogs, you wouldn't let rabid dogs run free would you? .... you kinda put rabid dogs down, maybe tell them they are going to take a shower and gas them instead.
I often think how good refugees have it, living in a detention camp with very little comforts or privacy in a foreign cuntry with no freedom .... those lucky bastards. Who wouldn't switch places in a heartbeat? You'd be crazy not to. 
Those lucky cunts in Gitmo get 3 hots and a cot and even a prayer mat ... and the tax payer is paying for it. Cuba has some lovely beaches. 

Is this the idea he wants to push, camps rather than integration? It shows you the kind of selective thinking that can make Christians and gun owners into appearing to be the victims while ignoring the real victims by belittling their lives, ach they don't have it so bad. Like how Trump says that you can't rape a spouse and disabled people look funny so why not mock them?  Maybe the Nazis and the Japs won WWII after all.


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